The year 2016 has been where animated movies were revived. A huge response was received not just in terms of gaining audience but also earning significant money out of a genre which was earlier considered dull and loss-making. We list down 10 anime movies that took the box office by storm and have become a must watch animation hits.

Movie Name Box Office
Finding Dory 1.025 billion USD
Zootopia 1.024 billion USD
The Jungle Book 966.5 million USD
The Secret Life Of Pets 872.8 million USD
The Angry Birds Movie 349.5 million USD
Kung Fu Panda 3 519.9 million USD
Storks 173.4 million USD
Ice Age 408 million USD
The Sausage Party 139.2 million USD
Trolls 227 million USD

Finding Dory

Dory – the ‘Ghajini’ of fishes, is a wide-eyed blue tang fish that tends to forget things every 10 seconds but has somehow not forgotten the fact that she was separated young from her parents. It’s this loss that makes Dory relook for them and thus begins the journey of Finding Dory – in the challenge to find her parents amidst memory loss, does she succeed?

Youtube / Zero Media


In a city of animals, a rookie cop (bunny) and a con-artist in (fox) come together to work in order to uncover a conspiracy. The movie works on the ideals of several hit Hollywood movies (non-anime) wherein a cop and a thief come together for a good cause.

Youtube / Walt Disney Animation Studios

The Jungle Book

Taking us back to the good old days of childhood, the decade of 1990’s was brought back to the big screen by Disney Pictures who reinvented the Mougli character and gave it a new life through word-class animations and visual effects. In the Hindi version, Nana Patekar reprised his voice for “Baghira”, making the movie even more nostalgic.

Youtube / Zero Media

The Secret Life Of Pets

The life of a domestic pet (Max) is turned upside down when his owner brings home a stray dog in Duke– whom Max instantly dislikes. The movie follows the journey of 2 pets coming together to fight against a bunny – who is creating an army of lost pets against Max and Duke.

Youtube / Illumination

The Angry Birds Movie

The very game which took users by storm on the iOS and Android platform was reprised as a movie on the big-screen and to no wonder – did exceptionally well. The movie gives an answer to why the birds are angry and in a fight against the pigs.

Youtube / Angry Birds

Kung Fu Panda 3

The hit anime series found it’s 3rd sequel releasing in the year 2016. The sequel brings the Panda closer to his long-lost father and they embark upon a journey to fight the supernatural villain in Kai and make Po the ultimate Kung Fu Panda.

Youtube / DreamWorksTV


Moving from delivering babies to packages but when an order to deliver a baby arrives – Storks must scramble to deliver the baby and complete a family. With help of the only human on the mountain, in Tulip – the 2 must work together to complete the delivery.

Youtube / Warner Bros. Pictures

Ice Age : Collision Course

Manny, Diego and Sid come together again to stop the world from a disastrous end at the helm of a meteor. With thrills, laughs and adventure – Ice Age sure does pack a punch and deliver on all aspects that a fan looks for in a hit movie.

Youtube / 20th Century Fox UK

The Sausage Party

A sausage strives to find the reason of his existence and goes to great lengths to uncover the mystery of products at Shopwell’s grocery store. Witty and unique storyline, the Sausage Party is a unique blend of anime with story.

Youtube / Sony Pictures Releasing Australia


With the Bergens invading the Troll Village, the most lively and happy troll in Poppy with the old and grumpy Branch must show the heroics and rescue their friends and family. The colorful and wondrous world of Trolls sure gives a pleasing watch to the eyes and the comedy makes the movie a worthwhile watch for all ages.

Youtube / DreamWorksTV

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