Comedy – as we know doesn’t come easy. Humor is not something that you can plan and rehearse, there ought to be a sense of impromptu even in the field of theatrics (movies) – wherein acting is all about speaking from the script. It then is all the more admirable how this genre continues to go strong every year – and this year has had it’s share of feel-good comedy movies as well.

We list down the top 10 comedy movies that you should watch to end the year with a smile.


Even though the movie is based around a super-hero character, it’s a different rendition to the whole ideology of how a superhero must be presented on the big screen. With the handsome Ryan Reynolds donning the super-hero mask, the script is fantastic and delivers consistent good laughs – it’s an all-out family entertainer.

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A ghost invasion on Manhattan brings 2 paranormal enthusiasts in Gilbert and Yates together, along with a nuclear engineer and a subway worker – who start their mission to stop other similar attacks on the city. It’s your typical ghostbusters movie – the storyline sounds serious, the actual picture – high on comedy.

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Central Intelligence

Reconnecting with a school friend, an awkward pal from high-school befriends his old friend through facebook, only to find himself involved with him in international espionage. Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart’s awkward responses throughout the movie make this a film in which comedy flows.

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Bad Moms

3 Moms realize their overworked and non-appreciative daily life and come together to decide a trip away from the daily hassles. What follows ahead is confusion, fun and comedic indulgence.

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Neighbors 2

Sorority Rising – Mac and Kelly are ready to step into real adulthood but it’s their new neighbors that are causing severe headache as they’re a group of girls that are out of control. Mac and Kelly must seek help of their old friend (Zac Efron) to get rid of them.

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Dirty Grandpa

Hollywood legend in De Niro and young heartthrob in Zac Efron come together in a movie that’s funny without really trying too hard. The story goes – a young bachelor on the verge of getting married must take his grandpa to Florida during summers, De Niro playing an ex-army Colonel sure is not your usual grandpa. Old legend and young hunk – the cast comes together with perfection.

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The Nice Guys

Another pairing of actors that just couldn’t go wrong – Ryan Gosling with Russel Crowe come together in the nice guys as 2 private eyes that need to discover the mystery of a missing girl but in the journey, unravel several comic events that make you chuckle.

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Bridget Jones Baby

A franchise sequel that was supposed to be a hit even before it released, the Bridget Jones first came onto the big screen in 2001 and has since had 2 sequels (incl. this) – both have been major hits. In this sequel, Bridget finds that she is pregnant but she doesn’t know who the father is – the confusion and fun thus unravel.

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Keeping Up With the Joneses

Jon Hamm : tall, handsome and hunk – plays the role of a spy moving into a neighborhood with his ‘wife’ – is the couple really together or are both of them spies? The neighbors in Zack Galifiankis and Isla Fisher get curious to find out the truth.

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Everybody wants some

Going back into the epic era of the 1980’s, we follow journey of 4 boys that are college baseball players but with no supervision on their adulthood – will there life go out of hand? The college comedy set in 1980’s gives a feeling of true nostalgia and it’s easy to connect with the characters and their routine life comedy. The movie is a breadth of fresh air in today’s scenrio of film-making.

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