Nerve-wracking and spine shivering are words that you’d use to describe the perfect horror movie. Usually though, horror often turns into comedy and leaves the movie watching audience down with boredom even though they were in need of something scary and heart-stopping.

With a genre as complicated as horror, Hollywood sure had a pretty time-changing year in 2016. With a few horror sequels and some new releases – the horror genre had it’s fair share of success at the box office, even in India. The top 10 horror movies of 2016 are :-

Best Horror Movies English 2016 – Hollywood

The Conjuring 2

Undoubtedly the most successful of all the horror movies that came out this year, the sequel to Conjuring was again able to drag the audiences to the theaters for yet another scary mystery/thriller. Lorraine and Ed Warren go to London to help a single mother raise 4 children in a house, which is haunted.

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Don’t Breathe

A trio thieves break into the house of an old blind man who to the outsiders seems to be helpless but isn’t. Things take ugly turn and the group finds itself running from the old-man in the bid to not become his new victims.

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Lights Out

Rebecca, victim of seeing certain events that made the people around question her sanity, is faced with the dilemma again when her younger brother in Martin experiences similar events. The vicious circle it seems is somehow related to their mother, perfect plot for a horror film.

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The Purge: Election Year

After sparing the man who killed his son, Police Sergeant Barnes is now head of security for Senator Roan, who is running for Presidency and is targeted on the purge night for her vow to eliminate Purge.

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The Boy

An American nanny comes to a wealthy England home to take care of the ‘young boy’ in the family, only to realize he is a doll. But, disturbing sequence of events makes her question whether the doll is actually in fact – ALIVE!

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10 Cloverfield Lane

Michelle – a woman who left her fiancé and subsequently met with an accident, finds consciousness in a bunker with 2 men – who claim to have saved her. Are they telling the truth or are there motives totally different? As movie tagline goes “monsters come in many forms”.

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The Other Side Of The Door

When a woman loses her son, she is obsessed to bring him back and say a final good-bye. The chain of events lead to breaking of rules and the balance between life and death disturbed, following which can only be horror.

Youtube / Zero Media

Best Horror Movies Hindi 2016 – Bollywood

Raaz Reboot

Most recent sequel to the popular Raaz franchise. The story revolves around 2 young couples (Rehan and Shaina) who post their marriage face dire horrors at the helm of evil spirits. A local priest and ex-boyfriend of Shaina come to the rescue of the young couple.

Youtube / T-Series

1920 London

The movie brings together story of a husband and wife – with the latter losing her husband to evil spirits. She turns to her ex to perform exorcism to bring her husband back.

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Saansein : The Last Breath

Everything seems to go right for a young couple until one day when the young singer in Shirin (Sonarika) disappears and her boyfriend(Rajneesh) starts off with the search operation to find his missing love.

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