Things That Expire Quickly does count as everyday use essentials! But the thing is we actually do not focus on them. When I read about expiration dates of different items, I was shocked completely. Did you know that there is expiry date of clothes too? Funny things that have an expiry date do count in slippers of course because by looking at them you cannot make out if anything is wrong, it’s the quality of the product that depreciates.There are also household items that do not expire and we will sure talk about them too.

So what all does have an expiry date? Well, everything! For items like food, cleaning products and all sorts of edibles it is sooner and for some, it is later. The expiration date after opening is quick for all the items.

Here are 10 Household Things That You Didn’t Know Have an Expiry Date.

1Your Bath Sponge

things that expire quickly

So, you got that bath sponge with the body wash that you got for yourself a couple of weeks back. The bath sponge is not over yet but your sponge’s quality certainly has. So change it asap.

2Tooth Brushes

expiry dates of household things

We have all been told several times that you should be changing your toothbrushes for every 3-4 months but we often fail to do that. The reason being here is the bristles get depreciated and become ineffective in removing plaque from your teeth.


things that expire quickly

Pillows might lose their power to give you a good night’s sleep as they lose their foam and become home to dust mites. If you have a synthetic pillow, then you can replace it after every 6 months or so. If the pillow is that of high-quality material, then you can wait until a couple of years to change it.

4Wooden Spoons

things that have an expiry date

The Wooden Spoons need to replaced timely because once the material gets soft, it becomes home for bacteria. The Wooden Spoons are should be replaced whenever they start having cracks.

5Vegetable Chopping Boards

things dont expire quickly

Chopping boards are everyday essentials and thus need to be taken care of as well. You should change your chopping board whenever there is even a slight crack in them. The reason being here is that it could be unstable and the cracks are home to fungi.

6Power Strips or Extension Cords

things that dont expire quickly

These Power Strips or Cords should be changed whenever you realize that there is a break in the cord or the strips are hot to touch. What we mean to say is that replace these things whenever you see something is fishy.


things that dont expire quickly

We know you love that Frozen themed or Incredible theme towel of yours, but you need to change your towels every 3-5 years as they become brittle to handle and won’t dry your skin efficiently.


things that expire quickly

Seems hard to believe but slippers are also one of those things that need to be replaced from time to time. These slippers should either be maintained well or replaced every six months.


what doesnt have an expiration date

The hair brushes are one of the main parts of your hair care regime and you very well know that they should be washed off every week but replacing them every year is a good option as they become host to skin infections as they age.


real expiration dates

Dish Cloths should be replaced every month as they act home to all the kitchen bacteria. Though these dishcloths are washed every day but they wear off after a month.

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