Simple Hairstyles for Naturally Curly Hair are quite easy for anyone to make at home. The best time is when you have to make hairstyle for curly hair for a party because these curly hair looks always so efficient! And when they are accompanied with beautiful accessories, the oomph factor is raised up to 200%. Simple Hairstyle for Curly Hair at home is to make a messy bun, as they make your hair look volumized. All kinds of curly hairstyles are beautiful but the one that crosses levels of prettiness is curly hairstyle for long hair.

Hairstyle for Curly Hair for Female Indians have been curated for your conveyance and you can make Easy hairstyles on the go to look smashingly amazing out of the lot. Well, blessed are those who have curly hair. They have naturally volumized hair and thus their hair looks always awesome. We have been seeing Curly Hairstyles on many influential woman and men and thus this lists comprises of both.

Here are 10 Iconic Curly Hairstyles.

Taylor Swift

cute hairstyles for medium hair

Do you remember when Taylor Swift song “ Love Story” was launched? Taylor Swift was seen flaunting curly bangs. She carried them so well with her golden gown. Taylor Swift with her curly hairstyle swept us off our feet.

Sarah Jessica Parker

cute hairstyles for curly hair

The SJP ie Sarah Jessica Parker who is actually the evergreen fashionista also donnes curly hairstyle. She is a diva in all true senses and no one can ever match her fashion sense. The iconic Carrie Bradshaw hairstyles inspire all those with curly hair.


hairstyles for naturally curly hair

The “ Hips Don’t Lie” singer dones curly hairstyle and she is goals for all those who have curly hair. Shakira has been carrying out her curly hair since we knew her and we are not getting over it anytime soon.

Julia Roberts

hairstyle for curly frizzy hair

This cute yet sparkling beautiful actress has curly hair and she has been doning it very well. We first witnessed her superb hairstyle in the movie “ Pretty Woman” and we are her fans since then.


curly hairstyles for long hair

The goddess Beyonce has natural curls back then and we are totally obsessed with her everything. Lol. The overly volumized hair looks really sexy.

Bradley Cooper

hairstyles for naturally curly hair

Okay, so do you have any reason to not love this handsome man? Even he has curly hairstyle, we are crazily obsessing over those since time immemorial. He has bagged one of the sexiest man alive title. Need we say any more?

Justin Timberlake

cute hairstyles for naturally curly hair

This American singer and writer also has been the carrier of naturally curly hairstyle and seems to justify it with his looks. He sure does know how to carry them with panache.

Kit Harington

curly hairstyles for men

Famously known as “ Jon Snow ”, the actor’ has become an fashion ideal for any man. He does have curly hairstyle and seems to have made the texture of his hair a trend for many.

Nick Jonas

curly hairstyle for men

Though at present, Nick Jonas does not carry his curly hairstyle anymore he once had those extremely curly bangs on his head that made every teen girl crush on him.

Harry Styles

hairstyles for naturally curly hair

Harry Styles, also a former One Direction band member dons curly hairstyle and was a heartthrob back then and still is. The hairstyle makes him look very cute.

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