The start of every season is welcomed by the fashion world with a new set of trends and must haves. It is that time of the year when you look at your wardrobe and try to think up of ways to revamp last season’s style this year. Sorry ladies, if you wear last season, you will be so last season.

Fashion is not just what is in, but what makes you feel good and “special”. It goes beyond what you see when you stand in front of the mirror, fashion dictates how you confident you will be when you meet people and how good you feel for yourself. Notice, I always use “you”. After all, fashion is you.

This summer, here are a few Summer Fashion Trends & Summer Fashion Must Haves, we think you should absolutely must have. Also checkout Summer Outfits To Beat The Heat

White cotton top

A white kurti, t-shirt, shirt, blouse; anything in white cotton is fabulous. It is comfortable, cool and,  voila! Trendy! Moreover, any color goes with white, whether it is blue jeans and loud colorful accessories and so on.

Mini skirts and shorts

To each lady, her own length. Though I have mentioned “mini”, you can opt for three quarters too for a more casual look. For the perfect corporate or party look, go for short skirts, preferrably in black (for office wear) or colorful / denim for otherwise. If you are shopping for shorts, a denim faded blue one is a must have!

Floral prints

Oh! To dance near the sea coast, sipping on a lemonade, wearing floral shirt! You can almost feel the ocean washing your feet when you wear floral prints.

High low dresses

This is a new discovery of mine, and am so glad I came across this! A gorgeous High-low dress lets you make an entrance in a silhouette that is sheer perfection.

Summer dress

A blend of comfort and trend. You can shose the summer dress that you like most, be it maxi or mini, embellished or printed, A line or flared.

Flat sandals, Wedges, Platform

Rather than a sharp pencil heel, a flat, wedge or platform heel looks better with short dresses. Also, wedges come in beautiful floral, printed styles that would look super cool with your dress.

Oversized bags

Less clothes, more bags. Sounds dirty, but works wonders. Wear a white cotton blouse, with a colorful mini short and team it up with a great classic bag. Your look will be amazing!

Vibrant colors accessories

Our favorite picks are orange, green, blue colors. In summers you prefer to wear light colored clothes, so to make up for the lost colors, get colorful accessories.


In this area, we cannot give a direct advice. Sunglasses should be choses according to your comfort level, face size, your general hairstyle and keeping in mind a couple of more things. Drag yourself to a good sunglass shop and try on a dozen of them before making a purchase.

Tank top

It could be a simple tank top or a peplum tank. One think you need to keep in mind though while buying a tank top is , don’t let it be a loud monocolor one. We would suggest an off-white striped one.

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