The thrill and excitement were already on its extreme when makers announced the sequel of Baahubali. The first part of the film received huge appreciation from the audience, and the producers made viewers curious about the killing of Baahubali by Kattappa.

There was one question which was looming all over on the social media ‘Kattappa Ne Baahubali Ko Kyun Maara?

By the sheer enthusiasm in viewers about the sequel of Baahubali, we can assume that this part will also be a blockbuster like the first one. Here are the ten things to look forward to in the sequel.

The Curiosity

All the viewers who watched the first part of the movie are dying to know that why did Kattappa killed Baahubali? This one question has enough potential to pull the curious viewers towards the big screen.

Breath Taking Visuals

The first part of Baahubali was full of spectacular visuals and mind-blowing cinematography. Be it the palace or the battlefield, every visual was a sheer pleasure to the eyes of the viewers. It’s a Bollywood answer to Sin City and 300.

Fantastic Acting

Baahubali’s success was not just based on the story or the visuals but also the incredible acting skill of the lead and supporting actors. Moviegoers will expect the same from the sequel of this movie.

The World Class Action Sequences

The previous part of the film was full of astounding action sequences. The fights, war scenes, and skirmishes were thrilling and attention grabbing. The audience will surely be looking for more arresting fight sequences in the sequel to the movie.

The Portrayal of Grandeur

The grandeur of Mahishmati Kingdom is vast and filled with incredible detailing. Each frame of the Baahubali was full of the nuanced architecture of the city. The makers put their best efforts to create comic book effects in the film. It’s a delight for the comic reading audience.

The War Scenes

War scene of this movie was fantastic and filled the audience with excitement and thrill. They would seek for a visual adventure again in this film.

Gorgeous Tamanna

The grace and charm of the actress was redefined in the movie, which often goes unnoticed in a regular Bollywood flick. She looked stunning in the first part, and her fans will hit the silver screen to see her again in her sexy avatar.

A Worthy Villain

The worthy antagonist of the movie further enhanced the magnanimity of Baahubali. Rana Daggubati as Bhallala Deva was cruel, violent and powerful. The Fighting against such a villain increases the excitement of viewers.

Arresting VFX And Graphics

The movie has eye-catching visuals and graphics that left visuals stunned and glued to the screens. The audience will surely get some more in the sequel of the film.

Dashing looks of Prabhas

In the movie Baahubali, people will surely go to watch the protagonist. He is young, smart and full of killer looks. No girl would ever leave a chance to see him in the sequel of this movie.

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