The Best Upcoming Music Festivals around the world are a bunch but to name a some we have created a list of the 10 most amazing ones. It is very very important for you to attend the Best Music Festivals in the world at least once in your lifetime. The world has got plethora of options for you to select from. These are also known as the global music festivals and let me tell you that is very important to attend at least one of them in your lifetime. A lot of people search for the best music festival in the U.S. as well as India by attendance. If you are looking for a change in daily routine, just head onto one of these.

” Just close yourself, forget your name, forget the world and go insane.”

So, how many of you are real fans of EDM music? Well, most of us I think. These are the people who cannot stop tapping their feet when the song ” Animals” by Marin Garrix is played somewhere. These songs literally give us a high. You just forget all the pains and sufferings in the world when you head onto one of these.

Scroll below to know about the 10 Upcoming Music Festivals Around The World.

Electric Daisy Carnival

The three day long Electronic Dance Festival is an experience of a lifetime. The E.D.C was initially just a two day event and then in the year 2009, it became a three day festival gradually. The Electronic Dance Carnival also won the best electronic festival in the year 2017.

When : May-June

Where : Las Vegas

Coachella Music Festival

The Coachella Festival is held in California and you should not forget that this festival counts for the best lineup of singers and performers. There is also a chance to camp around the festival and the best thing about the gathering is the fact that you can spot endless number of celebs over there.

When : April

Where : California

Sunburn Festival

The Sunburn Festival is the Asia’s largest music festival and why not the gathering of people is a bunch literally. It was first held in Goa,  India but now has been shifted to Pune. The lineup of DJ’s is amazing. People from all over the world attend the festival and enjoy the 4 day dope of music.

When : December

Where : Pune, India


This is widely known as the father of all the music festivals. Tomorrowland is actually something that nearly every EDM lover has on their bucket list. The venue will make you feel like this is just another world.

When : July

Where : Belgium

Ultra Music Festival

The Ultra Music Festival occurs annually and was first inaugurated in the year 1999. The performances will leave you astonished and the arenas will make your drop your jaw. The festival has now gone global and has also added India to its kitty.

When : March

Where : Miami, Florida


Widely known as the Essence Fest, this music festival was started in the year 1995. It was started to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Essence Magazine actually but over the period of time, the fame took over and it transformed into a real music fest.

When : July

Where : New Orleans, United States

Rock In Rio

The Rock in Rio Festival is one of the oldest music festival of the world as the first edition of the festival came out in the year 1985. There is also a live telecast of the music festival for the convenience of people in Brazil.

When : September

Where : Brazil

Primavera Sound Music Festival

This music festival started in the year 2001 and is gradually becoming a big festival. This is an occasion for people of all ages. Many well known DJ’s and singers take part in the festival. The tickets for the 2019 edition are on sale already. Book your tickets fast.

When : May- June

Where : Barcelona, Spain and Portugal

Amsterdam Dance Event

Amsterdam is already a clubber’s hub and with such an event, the number of attendees go high every year nearly. The music festival was started in the year 1995.

When : October

Where : Amsterdam

Voodoo Music Arts Experience

The festival is also known as the Voodoo Fest. It usually takes place around Halloween and has now become a tradition for everyone. The music festival has an amazing lineup.

When : October

Where : New Orleans, United States

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