How to Celebrate Independence Day in school is going to be the biggest discussion going on among all teachers until the 15th of August as it is very important to depart the message of India’s Independence. Kids need to learn and respect the martyrdom of those brave hearts who gave their lives. The main objective of celebrating Independence Day in school is to imbibe the feeling of country love among the young generation of India. So, how to organise Independence Day in school or anywhere for that matter.? We have curated steps to celebrate Independence Day in school. The steps taken for conducting Independence Day in school are often listed in the school handbook.

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Independence Day 2018 falls on a weekday this year and officially is a holiday all over the country. On this day in the year 1947, our country achieved freedom from the colonial rule. The history of the Independence is quite deep, you can read about it simply from here. It is because of these brave men that we live in free air. Jai Hind!

Here are some 10 ways on how to celebrate Independence in true spirit.

1Watch a patriotic movie

independence day celebration

A bunch of channels show patriotic movies on the 15th of August ie the Independence Day but the one that everyone should watch no matter what is definitely the movie ” Shaheed” which released in the year 1965. It is based on the life of Bhagat Singh and is surely a tear jerking one.

2Meet the veterans family

steps to celebrate independence day at school

We are living with a sigh of breathe because there is always somebody standing at the border and protecting the country. Sometimes, these brave hearts loose their lives while doing their duty, thus leaving their family on their own. You can go meet these families and lend them the required support.

3Celebrating by gathering together and hoisting flag

steps to celebrate independence day

One of the most common ways of celebrating Raksha Bandhan is to hold or attend a get together where various cultural events are held and the Indian Flag is hoisted. You can be a part of it and celebrate occasion with happiness. These kind of event is also held at school.

4Hold a speech competiton about patriotism

steps to celebrate independence day

Various kinds of debates and competitions can be held to infuse a feeling of patriotism among kids and the elders as well. A simple speech competition can be held for the awakening of the feeling. It is rightly said that words are more powerful than anything in this world.

5Visit the historical monuments

how to celebrate independence day

You can take your kids to historical places so as to let them know the history of their country. You can take a good history booklet or information and pamphlet and explain about their significance to them.

6Organize tree plantation drive

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Everyone knows about how much our country is actually suffering from the pollution menace and the best way to help our country and citizens is to plant more trees and lead the road to eco-living.

7Attend the Independence Day plays

steps to celebrate independence day at school

You can attend the Independence Day themed plays so as to infuse the feeling of patriotism among the kids because the realistic plays are quite efficient to touch the views heart and mind.

8Read the autobiography of any of the martyrs

how to celebrate independence day in school

If it is possible for you, then just read any of the auto-biography if it is available because from these write ups you will get to know the actual events that happened during that time.

9Serve Independence Day themed sweets                           

steps to celebrate independence day

Spread the feeling of nationalism among each other by serving tricolor sweets among each other. They are easily available in any of the nearby sweet shops around the Independence Day.

10Practice random acts of kindness

How to celebrate independence day

Our country got freedom after the combined effort of several people which proves the relevance of unity. Act kind to your fellow Indians and maintain unity among each other.

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