How to Celebrate Independence Day – Flying the tri-color kites is a tradition among Indians, the flight and the height of the kite depicts the pride of the country and how it will always fly high in the sky. Happy Independence Day to all of you. If you are looking for some Independence Day ie 15 Aug information then stop by here and learn the facts about how we celebrate the Independence Day in our country. In case you are holding an event for the same, you can scroll below to ideas on How to Celebrate Independence Day. 

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The 200 year old British reign got over in the year 1947 when our patriotic heroes and civilians went strong with their civil-disobedience movement. Simply put, they denied to use British products, work for them or to abide by the rules made by them. Hence, on this day we as unified country celebrate our National event with utmost enthusiasm.

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How to Celebrate Independence Day

Watch a Patriotic Movie

independence day celebration

Shaheed, the movie release in the year 1965. It was such an emotional flick that people would literally walk out with tears rolling down their eyes. The movie is based on the sacrifices made by Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev.

Meet the Veterans family

steps to celebrate independence day at school

While we sleep peacefully, someone stands at the border ensuring our safety. They leave their families for the sake of the country and thus people like these should be definitely honored. Meet a veterans family and greet them respect.

Flag Hoisting Event

steps to celebrate independence day

Celebrate the Independence Day by hoisting our national flag in the presence of your students or colleagues. This will surely fill pride in their hearts.

Speech Competition

steps to celebrate independence day

Words are more powerful than anything in this world. So, organise a speech or essay competition in your school or at work. This way people will do a research about the history of India and the fight to Independence.

Visit Historic Monuments

how to celebrate independence day

Historic monuments depict the cultural might of our country. They have been their for years which is incredible. You can take your family to some historic place make them learn about the same.

Organize Plantation Drive

independence day ideas to celebrate Our mother Earth needs us so lend a hand to her this Independence Day. Plant trees and make way for more oxygen. More trees, means more greenery and better lifestyle for the citizens of India.

Attend the Independence Day Play

steps to celebrate independence day at school

The modern day skit also known as the ” Nukkad Natak” is performed by youngsters in colleges and universities. They usually depict the usual and common menaces that the society suffers from.

Read the Autobiography of any of the Martyrs

how to celebrate independence day in school

Select your hero from the past and read out his or her auto-biography to learn about the actual events and what went it to making India free of the British rule.

Serve Independence Day Themed Sweets                           steps to celebrate independence day

Retailers and Shopkeepers are no less when it comes celebrating and honoring the pride of the country. Most sweet shops sell tricolor themed food items and sweets. You can also learn an easy recipe from Youtube and serve that.

Practice Random Acts of Kindness

How to celebrate independence day

Learn the power of unity because our country would not have been a free soul without that. Be kind to your people and help them out then they need you. Kindness and Unity can withstand any obstacle.

Happy Independence to all of you!

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