Robert Wagner rightly says that “A dog will teach you, unconditional love, if you have that thing in your life then things won’t be too bad”. Yep! That’s right, whoever has ever had a dog in his or her life will understand the emotion of a pet lover. Well, it’s a real truth that an average dog is actually nicer than an average person. Make him your friend and he will love you and will be loyal to you for life.

Did you know that dogs work as great stress busters too? If you have been forwarded on Whatsapp Norbert’s ie a service dog’s video then you will know how much of a cute cotton ball he is. You will go all aww seeing him and won’t be able to take your eyes off him. They really bring a smile on your face and that is why they are kept as therapy dogs for those who are suffering through an ailment. They make life more optimistic.

Well, if you are also going through a bad phase, then you can go through these cute dog posts from Instagram. Trust me they will make you feel better.

1Winter is coming


2Is this a Cotton Ball or a Pup, Hard to understand

4This indeed is the cutest video on the Internet

6Mirror oh Mirror on the wall, who is the smartest of em all?

7When you see a really pretty girl passing by

8No Damn given😏

10Will you be my Valentine

11We too thought he was a seal

12I-Scream, You Scream

13One Pizza and 2 Doggo Lava’s Please

14You are so #$** precious, when you smile

15Hey, Can I get some on the rocks please

16Sun Bathing Pupper

17And this doggo gang define thug life real time

18Do not give me that excuse you little fellow

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