Kylie Jenner Likes and Dislikes is probably that everyone wants to know right now. We all drool over this beauty and actually want to know everything she does to look beautiful probably. Her favorite things duly become an internet rage as soon as she uploads something that is convincing to her fans. Her hobbies are not only hers, it actually becomes the common interests of almost everybody. She is just 20 and according to her age, she has attained quite a lot. Kylie and her siblings actually have an empire that is ruling over the fashion and beauty world as of right now. The facts about Kylie Jenner cosmetics is that they actually are something worthy of their price. They are superb and that is why there is big news about dear Kylie Jenner that you might want to know.

Latest : Kylie Jenner is just 20 years old and will turn 21 years old in the month of August and at such an age she has been listed as the youngest woman billionaire by Forbes. The net worth of Kylie cosmetics is about 800$ million.

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She has been listed as number 27 on the list and it is certainly a very big news for her. She also gave birth to Stormi this February and it seems likes it is the second best news that she has received after the birth of her daughter. She also thanked and posted a picture of the Forbes cover on Instagram.

Bunch of people tweeted after the news got viral, while some very happy about the news, others commented about how she already belonged to a rich family and questioned the declaration as well.

Here is the list of 15 Interesting Things about Kylie Jenner.

She rose to fame at the age of 10

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The Jenner and Kardashian family has always been in headlines and that made Kylie a successor to this fame too. She was first spotted in the reality show with her siblings at the age of 10.

Her sister first worked with Forever 21 as a model

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Kendall’s first ever job was for the brand Forever 21 and from thereon there was no looking back at all. In the year 2014, she made her first debut at the New York Fashion Week. She walked for Marc Jacobs.

She is the queen of Snapchat

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Kylie has broken many records one of which is being the most watched person on Snapchat. Some people really worship Kylie Jenner literally.

She is the tallest out of the Jenners

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Kylie Jenner is the tallest of all her siblings which you can clearly make out with this picture. She is the youngest of ’em all but is the tallest. Ironic indeed.

She has gone through several embarrassing school situations

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Kylie is no different when it comes to school situations. It is said that once during a school project, she claimed before the whole class that her famous food is soccer and football. She is actually scared of public speaking.

She has recently got rid of lip fillers

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Kylie had lip and cheek fillers until now but recently posted a picture that looked different from the others. After a fan question her changed appeal, she answered that the change was because there were no fillers anymore.

Kris Jenner has Kylie’s and Kendall’s name tattooed

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It is believed that their mother got so drunk once that she got Kylie and Kendall’s tattooed on her body. This scene was aired on the show ” Keeping with the Kardashians”.

Her name itself is quite pricey

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She earned around $100, 000 just for letting the brand OPI name a nail paint line after her and her sister Kendall.

Kylie did not want to get famous

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According to an interview of hers, she self-confessed that she wasn’t supposed to be famous and nor did she want to. Well, the famous Kylie cannot go back in time now.

She confessed that she actually takes a lot of selfies before the perfect one

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Just like the most of us, even Kylie takes about 500 selfies to achieve that perfect one that she can actually post on her social media account.

She texts her sister Khloe about 4 times a week

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For Kylie, the biggest thing in life is her family and she does text Khloe around four times a week and the conversation is usually about food.

She was a cheerleader in school

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Kylie and Kendall were a part of the cheerleader group in their school. Both of them belonged to the same squad.

She is the messiest sibling of em all

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It is believed that Kylie is a lazy bone and probably the messiest of all her sisters. Kendall one confessed that whenever she visits her place, the guest room is always a mess.

Her style inspiration is Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

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We all do love how Kylie dresses up herself but the diva’s own style inspiration comes from her sister Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

She has a big picture of her own lips framed

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Kylie likes to keep a framed picture of her loved ones at home and thus she has kept a big picture of her lips there too.

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