Worlds Most Extreme Railways is one thing that people are always fascinated about and thus we have curated a list of the Most Extreme Worlds Railways. Well, it is always human nature to know about things which are surprisingly extreme and scary. Though many of us do not want to ride through those extreme railways in the world our adventure scrutinizing brain always want to know about them.

And that is why we are always keen on watching the National Geographic channel. There are two kinds of classifications in worlds railways of which one is amazing railway tracks in the world that are beautiful and the other is Worlds Most Extreme Railways. The most amazing train routes videos are present on youtube and you can also watch them out over there. You can check out the railway videos from down below.

Maekhong Railway Thailand

The most unusual fact about this railway line is the fact that a train passes from in between the market for about 4 times a day. Whenever a train passes the displays of the shops are pulled back a little.

Pilatus Railway, Switzerland

This railway has the steepest and the scariest track in the world. The original tracks are over 100 years old. The Pilatus Railway is a huge tourist attraction though.

Nepal Railway

The Nepal Railway line is close to the Indian and Nepalese border and stands on the gauge of 762 mm gauge and is damaged through and through.

Death Railway Thailand

The Burma Railway line is also known as the Death Railways. The workers who built the railways went through barbaric conditions during the construction of the bridge.

Aso Minami Route Japan

The other name for the Aso Minami Route Japan is the Minamiaso Railway Takamori Line and this is the only way by which Minamiaso Railways operates. It was opened by the Japanese Railways in 1928. The bridge is quite sleek making the travel scary.

Devil’s Nose Train, Ecuador

The Devil’s Nose is a steep through by which the train actually passes. The elevation of the track drops down to about 500 meters making the distance of 12 km making the ride scary. Many people died during the construction.

Georgetown Loop Railroad Colorado

These railway lines were completed in 1884. It is located in between the rocky mountains and has a distance of about 2 miles. It was believed to be an engineering marvel of its time.

Ferrocarril Central Andino

This railway track takes its passengers from 22 zig-zags and 63 tunnels in total. The tunnels will definitely scare the heck out of you. The train goes really slow through this part of the journey.

Dawlish Station

The most fascinating fact about the station is that it is built on a sea wall. The railway track has many times been damaged by the stormy waves of the sea.

Tren A Las Nubes Argentina

The mountainous track of Argentina stands over 4,220 meters high and is scary because of its high range. It is also known as the fifth highest railway in the world.

Napier Gisborne Railway New Zealand

The railway station was made in 1874 and the scariest fact about the railway line is that a railway line intersects the runway and it is very tough for the authorities to manage both until one moves on.

Katoomba Scenic World Railway

It was built in 1880 for extracting coal and mine but has become a tourist attraction now. The Katoomba Railway station has the steepest incline in the world. It has the steepest incline of 52 degrees.

Pamban Bridge Rameshwaram

It is the longest sea bridge in India and because there is no surface around it, the maintenance of the bridge was quite tough. It is a beautiful scenic sight but is dangerous when you look around yourself.

Gokteik Viaduct, Myanmar

This railway track is considered the masterpiece until now because of it’s technical and natural condition. The railway line has spectacular horseshoe curves. You will be truly scared if you look down in the valley while traveling through it.

Kuranda Scenic Railway Australia

The railway was completed in 1891. There are 37 bridges which are  built to climb up 328 meters above sea level. The railways always have a danger of rockfalls and landslides.

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