How to tell if your dog loves you the most, well probably when he wags his tail and licks your hand more than anyone else’s. Yes, that’s how they show love. There are also other various signs that show that your dog really loves you so much. To these four-legged creatures, their humans are their whole world. They trust you and love you like anything. You must have also heard of their honesty and loyalty. We also want to tell them that how much we love them and that we can show by showing our care towards them. One of my friends used to literally search for ” how to tell a dog I love you”, now how amazing is that.

Other than the love you signs, there are also some critical signs that show if a dog is actually going through some kind of stress. It is very important for a dog parent to know what your dog is actually going through. This is relevant when it is very important to know to avoid any crucial incidents before they advance.

Scroll below to know the 15 signs that show that your dog is trying to tell you something.

They are licking their nose and lips repeatedly

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While the action of dogs licking their nose is completely normal, doing this very thing repeatedly is not a very good sign. It shows that the dog is in some kind of stress and needs to be taken care of. They also do this when they are afraid of strangers.

They are making themselves look small

how to tell if a dog trust you

So, how many times have you seen your dog hunching in front of you, well probably every time when you scold them. Well, whenever you see them in this position, it shows that they are incredibly scared and its times to stop the scolding.

They are destroying your shoes and slippers

how to tell a dog i love you

Dogs when young usually feast on rubber slippers a lot and that is because they are teething. If you are frequently finding your shoes getting destroyed or peed over then its time to give some more amount of time to your pet. They usually do this because they don’t want you to leave them and go out.

They are sitting on your feet

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The feeling when your dog is sitting on your feet is amazing and feels oh so cute but this action of theirs is actually a sign of dominance by their side. It shows that they are being possessive about their human.

They are staring at you continuously

how to tell if a dog loves you the most

Dogs staring at your continuously seems a little over the board but this is also a sure fire sign of separation anxiety. Dogs by staring you in the eye might want to show that they indeed need you there and then.

They are shivering

signs your dog doesnt like you

Shivering is a critical sign and thus should be taken care of there and then. It might mean that they are sick but the most common reason for this kind of behavior is that they had a trauma recently.

They are climbing on the couch

signs your dog is protective of you

This action is not a very good sign as this shows your pet is trying to establish their authority over you. The couch climbing should be restricted as and whenever it happens.

They are overly leaning over you

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Leaning over is not something to be scared off and just means that they want your attention and some more care. It might also mean that they are scared of something and they want you to protect them.

They are curling their lips

how to tell if your dog is stressed

Many times, you might sight your pooch curling their lips in stress while you are eating or are cuddling some other pet. They do this because they are angry and are wanting to snap back.

Their eyes are extremely wide

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Dogs opening their eyes a little wider than ever before shows that they are in the great amount of stress due to some physical sickness or a mental stress. You should take them for a checkup to the Vet.

They are groaning or whining

signs your dog doesnt like you

This might be the action that you see him or her doing almost every day. But when they actually increase the frequency of this behavior, it means that you are giving them quite a less time with yourself.

They are staying close to you

signs your dog is stressed

Dogs try to take care of you and be at your side when they feel that you are sick and need warmth. By doing this, they try to tell that they are there of you.

They are chewing up the furniture

critical signs of stress in dogs

Younger dogs behave like this the most. They will chew the furniture, blankets and other objects at home just because they are scared of getting abandoned. They just want more of your time.

They are rolling on their back

critical signs of stress dog happy

When dogs roll on their backs, it is a sign that they want to play with you. It might also mean that they are asking for belly rubs from you.

They are not looking you in the eyes

signs your dog loves you too much

If your dear doggo is not talking to you or not looking at you right in the eyes, it might mean that they are guilty of something that they have done.

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