Purchasing a fan for your home is a simple task.

You know what you want, it’s objective, so you just go ahead and get it.

We live now in an age with multiple options, for everything. Products as simple fans come in uncountable varieties today, so you are sure to find one that fits your specifications. Take a pedestal fan for instance. While it was a choice from the outset, pedestal fans have risen exponentially in popularity in recent years because of the convenience they offer. They are electrically powered and are best used for satisfying your secondary cooling needs. They are not fixed in one place, and you can quickly move the fan around as per your requirement. Other than that, they are also extremely affordable.

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However, when buying a pedestal fan, there some factors that you must consider. Read on:

1. Fan Modes

The first factor to consider while buying a pedestal fan is the fan modes available. There are reputable brands like luminous that provide a comprehensive range of models in Normal Speed (1350 rpm) and High Speed (2100rpm). Luminous Pedestal fans have higher heat dissipation with better engineering of dimension control. They have 128 Ribs which makes them stronger and provide safety for children as it becomes fully finger proof. The body components of the Luminous pedestal fans are manufactured with high-grade plastic which provides an elegant, classy look while ensuring long-lasting durability. Normal speed fans are mostly suited for areas with moderate temperature. They can be used along with ceiling fans to provide efficient cooling.

High-speed pedestal fans are best suited for humid or very hot weather;

All the models are equipped with automatic high-speed wound stators for the machine to provide higher performance.

2. Sweep size or Height

Pedestal fans are available in different sizes in the market; therefore, it is essential to pick the right proportional size for your space. To do this, check if the fans have height and angle choices and if they can be changed. It would allow for proper angling of the head and provide the people seated with direct cooling while keeping the space ventilated and comfortable. There are three sweep sizes available in the market—400mm, 450 mm and 500mm. Reputed brands like Luminous offer pedestal fans of different sizes – 400mm and 500 mm sweep size. Out of all, Farrari is the tallest pedestal fan which delivers high air thrust and air supply. Equipped with a sturdy and efficient motor, it rotates at a speed of 1350 rpm, rendering it incomparable to other pedestal fans.

3. Oscillation Feature

For better performance, a pedestal fan with an oscillation feature should be considered particularly for 400mm sweep. You will also find pedestal fans that are only designed to blow air in a specific direction. This is because some of them are designed for commercial uses because of the large room size. However, an oscillation feature for home is a must-have for greater air circulation. Most pedestal fans have an angle of oscillation of around 70-80 degrees.

Choose the Best Pedestal Fan

Due to efficient operation, pedestal fans, also known as portable fans, have gained popularity and demand in the last few years. These types of fans are easy to use, they do not occupy much space, and they are lightweight. However, you must consider the factors mentioned above while buying a pedestal fan. When you buy pedestal fans online or visit a store, you’ll find that as compared to traditional fans, pedestal fans are available at great pricing.

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