4th of July Nail Art 2019 Designs

4th of July Nail Art 2019Red, White and Blue Nail Art Designs depict the Flag of the United States of America which is why perhaps they are the most popular Summer Nail Designs. Well, in case you want to go easy with the 4th of July Nails, then you can simply choose the 4th of July Nail French Tips. Have a look at the 4th of July Nail Designs from the article below. Also, mentioned in the list are Easy 4th of July 2019 Nail Art Ideas .

4th of July Nail Art 2019

It is rightly said that Nail Arts provide a sparkle to your whole look. When you are dressed so perfectly from your head to toe, your painted nails prove to be a cherry on the top. Your nail game should be perfect on the 4th of July 2019 as well. If you are confused about which one to choose from the 4th of July 2019 Nail Art Designs then simply go for the Red, White and Blue Nails. Check more options for 4th of July 2019 Nail Ideas below.

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Firework Nails

CREDITS – polishedforthegods

The Fireworks Nails in the above picture can be done at the ease of home with the help of a thin nail art tool so it will certainly work as a DIY 4th July Nail. Choose this one if you are indeed a fan of the blue.

Stars Over the U.S.A


The primary colors for the 4th of July 2019 Nail Arts and Ideas are Red, White and Blue. For this nail art, you need one Red Sparkle Nail Polish and White and Navy Blue color. The only tough task is to make stars which you can learn from Youtube Videos.

Red, White, Blue Tri-Designs

CREDITS – nails._by._kayleigh

These kind of nail art designs are a little difficult to achieve and need some professional help for sure. You need a Pink nail polish with a sparkly touch to make the other three more lively. Beauty of the nail paints lies in the expertise for this.

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4th of July Nail Simple Touch

CREDITS – _nailsonachalkboard_

These nails are easy to do and can be done at the comfort of your home. As you can see in the picture above, all the colors have been painted in different patterns and designs but they do signify unity. Similarly, these kinds of Nails depict the unity of U.S.A as well.

I Love my U.S.A

CREDITS – elaineqxoxo

The above Nail Art Ideas will also need help from a expert or an established nail art technician. You can get this done from any nearby Nail Art Salon for the occasion of 4th of July. The above picture depicts the Flag of U.S.A and denotes patriotism.

4th of July Nails French Tip

CREDITS – Jesieka (Grover) Silva

The above picture of the 4th of July Nails French Tip will give earn you number of compliments from onlookers. These are elegant and looks like it is easy to do but the French Tips can only be done perfectly by a Nail Art Technician.

Easy Red and White

CREDITS – boycott_boringnails

The Easy Red and White Nails can be done at the ease of your home. All you need is a cool red color nail paint and a white star stick-ons for your nails. This way you can save your pocket money and also flaunt the 4th of July 2019 Nail Art Style.

A Splash of Freedom

CREDITS – vipnails_lincoln

The nail art in the above picture denotes the splash of freedom for the United States of America very aptly. You will need a lot of nail art tools so it is a good decision to get this nail kind of nail art done by an expert in the field.

Blue Stars and Reds

CREDITS – deannain85251

This Nail Art has more of blue than the White and Red and will look immensely beautiful and shiny at your evening party scenes. The nail paints used are gel glitter.

Freedom Calling

CREDITS – abeautifulblue

These 100% nail polish strips include the perfect blend of sparkler and navy blue color. They are 99% dry when you apply them, so there is no mess or smudging!

Perfectly Polished Nails

CREDITS – polishedyall

This is one of our favorite out of the list as the above 4th of July Nail Art Idea give the nails a matte look balanced with a glitter. You can either buy matte nail paints or get this done by a nail artist.

Glitter Overload

CREDITS – paulinaspassions

These Glitter Nail Paints are certainly for all the girls who love sparkle and sheen. The base has been done with silver glitter nail paint and the stars have been made by glitter nail paints as well. All of them have excellent coverage.

Blend of Sparkle and Shine

CREDITS – covernailsx

The above beautiful Nail Art depicts the national Flag of the United States of the America with all its sheen and might. You can certainly this nail art design at the ease of your home.

Cute 4th of July 2019 Design

CREDITS – nails.by.jaisha

These cute and adorable 4th of July 2019 Nail Art design is perfect for your kids who wish to flaunt their nail game just like you would do. Get these nails done for the occasion real fast.

4th of July Nails with a Twist

CREDITS – nailtasy

These nails will make you look absolutely out of the lot we assure!. The above nail art design depicts a flower petal made with three colors of the U.S.A flag which are Red, White and Blue. Another color in focus is a dash of pink.

Fiery 4th of July Nails

CREDITS – nailsbyhancam

The Fiery 4th of July Nails show the might and the strength of U.S.A. They are sassy and yet really beautiful. If you are more of a sassy babe, then you can choose this style.

Best 4th of July Nail Paints

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