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Internet technology has developed and evolved in a variety of ways in the last 20 years, moving extremely quickly. However, this last year of global pandemic and lockdowns have resulted in quite a few technologies growing faster than others. Here are the online trends you should look for that will continue to be popular throughout 2021.

1. Video Conferencing – Even the most outdated businesses and schools had to finally figure out how to get online in order to continue their work, with websites and apps like Zoom, Skype, and other video-call programs. With both small and large companies realizing that much work can be done remotely, and they can still manage their teams and converse with clients, these sites will not just continue to be popular, but evolve and become better with time and usage. With countries around the world opening and shutting, including various Indian states, people will continue to rely on these apps.

2. eCommerce – The retail industry has long been in decline, especially in-person locations. With companies like Amazon and Flipkart leading the charge, plenty of other retailers are now moving solely online. Even the biggest boutiques in the world have begun simply keeping one store simply for appearances, and moving the rest of their business online. This way, companies only pay online costs and warehouse costs, making it much cheaper and easier to stay in business. India’s gross eCommerce sales topped $33 billion, seeing a huge jump in growth over the last year. The number of individuals receiving packages, as well as ordering take out and groceries online is up. This also means that people feel safer and more confident shopping online, even if they didn’t regularly buy from websites before.

3. Online Gaming/Gambling – With many stuck at home, gaming websites have become a go-to. Over the last year, the country has seen a huge increase in new online casinos despite bans on betting. App technology has improved enough that casino websites allow clients to download the app straight from their browser, which means they don’t have to rely on Android or Apple play stores to host their apps. This development allows the population to access more types of games and apps than ever. The launch of the cricket season has sportsbook companies reporting all-time highs, while lottery websites are becoming easier and safer to use than ever. While these types of sites have been around for over 20 years, developments in speed, graphics, and gaming technology have created beautiful visuals that are comparable to any gaming console.

4. Streaming and Movies – Besides cricket, the national pastime in this country is Bollywood. When on weekends you used to find everyone heading to the theatre, the shutdown of these gathering places has prompted many film companies and streaming services to simply begin premiering online. With more individuals than ever with access to fast internet, they’ve been able to enjoy all the classics, and then some, with services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hotstar. Those that previously couldn’t make it out to see the new movies now have more access than ever. You’ll see the quality of these sites increase over time, as well as more licences for new movies and TV shows to continue this year.

5. Work-Related Organization Apps – Similar to the Zoom/Skype situation, work-related apps are also being downloaded more than ever. Apps and sites like Trello, Dropbox, and Slack are being utilized by companies all over the world. There are many different sites you can use to post assignments, answer messages, and track work, with new apps being developed every day. The necessity of these apps worldwide has improved their quality immensely, allowing more companies and small businesses than ever to host quality websites, backup documents, create servers, and a lot more. With the quality of these apps, you can expect that many businesses will continue to stay online, rather than return to the office.

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