Resolve to banish dry and dull skin this winters pretty face! Apart from the regular “Drink more water” advice, here are a few thinks you need to keep in mind to have the nice soft skin you always wanted.

#1 Change your face wash

In summers, you like to use the face wash that would absolutely take off all that oil from your face. But just like a frilly sleeveless cannot be worn in winters, similarly the summer face wash cannot be used in winters! Get a face wash that has some moisturizer.

#2 Sun screen

This is one thing that should be common between summers and winters. The reason being, though you might feel chilly but the sun shines as much as it used to in summers. And moreover, in winters you sometimes like to stand out in the sun to feel the warmth. You have all the right to stand under the sun, but make sure you are using your sun screen.

#3 Hot water vs warm water vs luke warm water vs cold water

We all love a hot steamy bath in winters, but it doesn’t go down well with your skin. Use luke warm water for bathing and try your best to avoid washing your face with very warm water. As you cannot even feel how hot it is (as your skin is feeling cold) but the skin absorbs the heat and burns.

#4 Skin products with alcoholic content

Avoid. Skin products high on alcoholic content strips off moisture.

#5 Heavy products

No, that is not a technically correct term. I am referring to petroleum jelly or glycerine or stuff that is thickly moisturising but sticky. Many of us avoid these, but they are perfect for your feet, elbows and knees. Use them after a nice bath.

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