Planning vacations with your loved ones is the best way to re-energize yourself. And, if you are looking forward to enjoying and exploring places with your family and friends, you can visit many beautiful places in India, which you’ve left undiscovered till now – your decision and experience will prove worthwhile!

From snow-covered mountains to relaxing beaches to thrilling adventures, you can experience everything in India. However, it is important to plan your trip well in advance so that you can have an organized and smooth trip. 

And, to help you plan your trip in one of the best ways, we’ve curated a few simple steps, right from preparing an itinerary to carrying all your important documents, including domestic travel insurance. Read further to get started with the trip planning process. 

  1. Prepare an Itinerary

It is advisable to prepare a detailed itinerary so that you don’t miss out on visiting any place of your destination state/city. Also, it will help you in making accommodation bookings accordingly and save time and efforts during the trip. 

  1. Prepare A List of Things To Carry

You might feel that you have packed everything, but after leaving your place, you might realize that you have forgotten to carry important stuff, such as your medicines, travel documents, etc., which might hinder your trip. Therefore, to save yourself from such problems, you can make a checklist well in advance and keep adding things to it. Then, before leaving, you can quickly cross-check the list with your luggage.

  1. Accommodation and Flight/Rail Bookings

Depending on the mode of transport you choose, it is important to make your flight or rail bookings in advance. You can save a considerable cost and be sure of your bookings as tickets might get expensive or sold out near your trip dates. 

  1. Pack Daily Medicines

Do not forget to pack medicines for common illness and your regular medicines, as you can’t be sure of the availability of medicines at your destination place. 

  1. Leave For The Airport/Railway Station Before Time

To avoid missing your flight or train, it is important to take a considerable time margin while leaving for your trip. You might get stuck in traffic or face any other issue on the way, which might even lead to trip cancellation. Therefore, it is wise to leave for your trip a couple of hours before your flight’s/train’s arrival time to avoid such mishaps. 

  1. Carry the Required Travel Documents

Don’t miss out on carrying all your travel-related documents and identification proof, as you might require the same during your trip. One of the most important documents that people are usually ignorant about is domestic travel insurance, which is required to cope with the uncertainties you might face during the trip, such as losing tickets, medical emergency, etc.  Check Cover Trip‘s travel medical insurance guide for a deeper understanding of the importance of this type of insurance.

Therefore, while keeping up with all the travel tips in mind, it is important to sign up for domestic travel insurance with a credible insurance provider, like TATA AIG, as they offer travel insurance plans at a nominal cost as per your specifications and financial capacity. You can know about their policy’s specifications and exclusive services on their website.

Find below a few situations that might occur during your trip where domestic travel insurance can be helpful:

  1. Medical emergency
  2. Missed Departure 
  3. Loss of Tickets
  4. Accommodation Charges (under trip delay)

While on your trip, if you face any of the above mentioned situations, your trip might come to an abrupt end. However, if you are covered under travel insurance, the insurer might provide you with certain benefits to help you manage such situations and continue enjoying your trip. To choose a suitable insurance policy, it is advisable to thoroughly go through the policy’s terms and conditions, which you might find on the insurer’s website. 

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