A person who has not kept puppies and dogs can never know how happy life can be with them. When you feel like something is not going right and can’t stop your tears because of that, just look into their puppy eyes once and you will forget your pains for that very while. Such is the power of their love overpowering all your emotions. Only a man with no heart can afford to ignore them and not love them.

I had come across a person once who literally hated dogs and puppies. I mean like how? Those big eyes, furry body and their unlimited fun and frolic can melt anyone’s heart. The one who said that a woman’s best friend is a diamond did not have a dog for sure. These mute being only need your love and nothing else. They will love you like you are their world all through their life and if a man cannot respect this fact, then they definitely do not have a heart for sure.

If you have a puppy, then you will be glad to know about these puppy facts that are cute like them too.

They really like the baby talk

Are you a person who treats his or her pup like a baby? Then you will be happy to know that puppies love when you talk to them like you talk with a baby. They will carefully listen to your creaking yet familiar voice. So, the next time you come across one, talk with the cupcake like that.

Their first sense is a touch

As dogs are born blind and deaf, the first sense they actually develop is the sense of touch. They can thus make out by the touch of their mother and siblings a safe place to sleep, have food and it is only in this sense that the puppy develops a sense of touch.

Puppies become adults when they turn one year old

For some of you, who do not know about the fact that a puppy’s whole one year is actually equal to a human’s 15 years of age will be glad to know that When they get one year old, they actually enter their adulthood.

Dalmatian puppies are born plain white

Everytime you hear the word Dalmation, you just know we are talking about white dogs and black spots all over them but that is not the case with Dalmatian puppies. They develop their black spots only when they are around 3 weeks old.

Dogs can safely be adopted at 8 to 10 weeks of age

When dog births take place, they can only be safely adopted after they are 8 or 10 weeks old because until then they need their mother’s milk, love, and comfort. Any puppy under this age is really young to be adopted

Weight issues

A little puppy acquires half of its adult weight by the age of 14 weeks or so. The case for larger breeds is always different as they can take up to 5 months or so to attain half of the weight.

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