Ask anyone who is working 9 to 5, whether he is happy with it or not. The answer will be a quick no because no matter how much you earn, you are bound to be surrounded by work deadlines and time boundations. Sitting at one place does add up to the stress a lot. I know someone from work who is an energy vampire and keeps on working even if the time duration is over. While it is okay to do overtime once in a blue moon but it is definitely harmful to both body and mind if you do it everyday.

The stress really shows up on her face and her eyes look all sleepy and baggy every morning. Although she denies going through stress bouts she definitely is. The gist of the story is that we know and accept that hard work is important and lending your heart and soul into your work is too amazing but not having a life isn’t.

We just urge you to do not let the work stress take the peace of your mind. Working efficiently is sure important but do not take the work anxiety take a toll on you.

Here are some signs from which you can make out if you are stressed at your job.

You are always angry

There is an age-old tradition to keep your work and personal life separate but people sometimes are so pissed with their work and politics that they take the work stress at home and then start pouring their anger over their family members which is not at all acceptable.

Stomach Problem

If we are stressed from something then our gut is the first one to pick up our instincts. If you are thinking obsessively about something then it will certainly make you feel bloated and your appetite will also be affected.

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Line up of headaches

Feeling anxious and tensed makes your brain work much harder and thus you start experiencing headaches. There is a thing called tension headaches which are sure-fire signs of you being overly stressed.

Lack of Sleep

You came all tired from work and still, you are not able to sleep? Wonder why? Well, that’s because you are worried about your work and fear what will happen the next day. Fellas, that is not at all healthy, if you start losing your sleep, your productivity will decrease to a dangerous low.

You get sick for often

Well, being worried and stressful makes your immunity weak and thus you start getting sick more often and then you start worrying even more because your work gets hampered in the lieu of the sickness. It is a vicious cycle you see.

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You have emotional breakouts

People who cry a lot or a lot more usually are going through a lot of stress in life. So, if anything around you makes you cry in a jiffy then understand that your stress level at your job is quite high.

You no longer enjoy the job

If the career you chose for yourself does not appeal to you now and you find it awful to do the duty every day then it’s a sure fire way to recognize that the job stress level is climbing sky high and now is the time to curb it.

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