Having a dog is like fulfilling a necessary duty of being a human. Look into their eyes and you will forget all your worries in a jiffy. Now, how amazing is that. It is even better than a visit to the psychiatrist. Well, if you have ever owned a dog then you might understand how lovely it is to live with a doggo. They are happiness, they are love and everything nice. One can literally not resist their cute little faces.

I really believe in the fact that an average dog is nicer than an average human being. I really wonder how bad would life actually be without them. People who really like dogs do not jell with people who don’t. The complete thinking psyche is different. Well, all ya dog lovers let us shootout to all those dogs hating neighbors that dude we do not care. And they also need to stop telling us that it’s just a dog. He has more loyalty, integrity, and empathy than some people we know. He is family.

Here is a list of 7 things every dog person will understand.

You can never have your meals alone

Even if your doggo has had his or her meal minutes ago, he will still be interested in your plate. Dogs are meal lovers. No matter what are you eating and no matter at what time. He will be there standing like an audience and feasting his eyes on your plate.

You don’t move when they are sleeping on your feet

Dogs and Puppies really know and admire their people. They can identify which place is really safe for them. When our dogs tend to fall asleep on our feet, there is an unspoken rule about not to lift them up. Awaking a sleeping pup is a sin in Dog land.

You are more happy with them than with humans

If humans do not please you more than your dogs and pups then you are definitely an ardent dog lover. Well, the relationship between a dog and his owner is so strong because they will never break up with you or hurt you for any reason. They will never judge you for anything.

You greet them first when you go somewhere

If you have been invited by some of your friends to visit their home for dinner and you greet their pet even before them then this is the classic case of Pet Lovaria. The symptoms are considering dogs even more important than their humans.

Dogs bark at nothing

Sometimes our dogs become super duper excited about the walls and shadows and just start barking at them and we there are left clueless to imagine what the hell is the cute little monster barking at? Somebody once told me that they could actually see spirits and thus bark at them. I really wonder whether that stands true or not.

They just love socks and your shoes

Your shoes and socks are their favorite chew toys and he can spend hours playing with it. There is no heck reason which can prove the reason behind as to why they love chewing them. This song is the best thing that will you hear today. “ We are dogs, we love socks.”

The toilet bowl is their water station

No matter how great and cute their water dispenser is, they will prefer to serve themselves from the toilet bowl. The reason for this again unknown. Cringe-worthy doggo things you see.

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