Well, going to the office every morning does make the life monotonous and we tend to feel all negative and fuzzy about it so to improve your mood and fuzziness, it’s better to instill things on your table that really make you smile as soon you enter your work cubicle. If you keep such things on your desk, your productivity will also increase because of the optimistic feeling that they lent you.

While this is one reason, another good reason for keeping helpful things on your table will save you from the mess your things create. For instance, a bunch of pens all scattered over the desk will only increase the clutter. We are so busy with our work that we do not have the time to clean our tables every now and then. Hence, it is better to keep them intact and clean.

Here is a list of things that you can buy from Amazon to save yourself from all of the above.

Under desk headphone stand

This point is for all those who have the wires of their earphones or headphones all crossed and jumbled up at their desk. This is a sure fire way for all of you to keep them out of anyone’s sight as well as easy to reach for you. The product is available for $10.95 at Amazon.

Henry Novelty Vacuum Cleaner

If you are a cleanliness buff and have this habit of cleaning your work desk every morning then this Vacuum cleaner will make your work easier. On the top of it, it comes in the form of a very cute toy which does not even look like it is a machine. The product is available for a price of $19.98. Guess what? It will also clean the crumbs in your keyboard.

Ring Stand

Hey, all ya writers! If all you do during the day is type and type then it this ring stand that will help you out. Most of the writers have this habit of taking all their hand and finger accessories which makes these things prone to misplacing. Hence, buying these stands for Amazon for a price of $6.99 will be a good choice for you. Your rings will remain right in front of your eyes.

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Ceramic Flower Pot

The best thing about this flower or plant pot is that it comes with a tray that saves you from the spilling of water when you water the plants. The pot comes in the shape of a dog which is bound to make you go aww about it. The plant will also help you get some fresh air. It costs $7.99.

Positive thought box

The box is available for a price of $10.25 and looks very vintage. It has a very awesome thought inscribed on it that inspires us to be thankful for what we have in life. It stands freely and will motivate you every morning.

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Cute Wrist Rest

This is a perfect solution for all those people who are required to sit in front of the computer the whole day and type. The mouse pad is cat pawed shaped and the material is made for lycra. It will help you give rest to your hardworking wrist. Buy from Amazon for $17.99.

Swinging Panda

Keep this swinging panda at your desk just for the sake of keeping yourself happy and gay. It will make you go aww the whole day and will improve your mood even if you are feeling down. Buy from Amazon for $9.98.

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