Talking about myself I really love to add doodads to my hair. I mean like wearing something blingy totally accentuates my modish aura. Ha ha ! that is so much of self-admiration now. These kinds of hair trends can be dated back to 200 BC.

People of any age can stay up to the minute by the adding something really interesting to their hairdo. The good thing is that this fashion is not only limited to brides, anybody can don this stuff as and when they want. Remember how in childhood we use to accessorize our hair with colorful beads, guess what? Let us be kids all over again and razzle – dazzle our hair with these babies.

Our dear Hollywood babes do not deny this fact as well. In 2016, Khloe Kardashian posted a picture of hers on her Instagram page in a low pony with lots of black grips put behind her ear. The look was so subtle and sexy at the same time that it inspired me to tie my hair the same for work.

Let’s move on to the real game now and head up for the list I have composed for your benefit.

Indian Style Crown Tika

“Blow a kiss, Fire a gun all we need is somebody to lean on” m, oh yeah I am talking about MO here. I am dead sure that you people have seen the video. Watch out for the gold tika she is wearing, it is absolutely charming and catchy. Being an Indian, I would like to bring your attention to the significance of this little thing.The tika signifies the holy union of male and female on the spiritual and emotional level.

The Stone Headband

Want to live the school life right again? Drape your hair with a beautiful headband. The varieties are quite extreme in this domain ranging from different colors, net, plastics or the best one is stoned. Girls can choose from pearl or band with differential gemstones.

The Ruffled Barrette

I have always seen my mother wearing Barrette since like I have gained consciousness. They are vintage classics and adding on a beautiful in vogue ruffle to it would eventually manage to turn heads.

Cute Flowers

In today’s time, we have a range of options to fulfill our flower passions. Selena Gomez had glammed her look with a bunch of daisies attached on her side bun.Do not worry all you bomb shells, the flower does not need to be fresh and natural all the time. Numerous hair accessories can be found on Amazon with artificial flowers too.

Feathered Hair Clip

If you have watched the movie “ The Sex and the city”, you are totally going to get my point. Remember Carrie Bradshaw getting ready for her marriage with Mr. Big and going gaga over her turquoise blue feather clip. I am head over heels for that particular look. It is also a great option for brides.

Ribbon Weave

You can twist it, curl it and completely use your imagination while styling this one. Nicole Kidman tied her hair with a black chiffon ribbon in a side sweep and managed to give the Paparazzi a really royal kind of look. Variants in this range are infinite buddies, try styling it in your own unique way.

The Bun Cuff

Girls who are great fans of bun can rejoice too. Tie it around your favorite kind of fun and do not forget to secure it with bobby pins. The cuff comes in various options but the pearl and gem studded ones hard to resist.

The Gatsby Jewel Stretch Headband

The unique selling point of this accessory is that it makes you feel like a queen in a jiffy. I recently got this one from Forever New and it is kind of worth it. Planning to wear it off on my birthday now.

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If you happen to be really super creative then you can possibly make a headband or clip out of a golden or silver thread and feel like a boss.

So, awesome ladies, clad yourself up in some trendsetting pieces and turn up a bad hair day into a tropical hit.

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