After all that mystical Holi party vibes, you must be going through the aftermath of drinking that beautiful Bhang Thandai you were so attracted to. I am sure the Bhang hangover symptoms must have started to take a toll on you. Most of you must be searching for ways on how to tackle bhang hangover and thus we have curated some to help you out.

The bhang effect time just starts after you consume that Bhang Ka Pakoda or the delicious Bhang Thandai. If you are awry about the question that how long does Bhang effect last? We shall tell you that it takes approximately 30 to 45 minutes to hit your body or kick in. But what exactly happens after drinking Bhang? Well, dude, you feel like you are starving, you need more food. You will laugh on and on and will do all sorts of foolish things.

“ It’s not a Hangover, it’s wine flu.”

Let us now understand how to actually detoxify Bhang?

Hydrate your body

Holi Hangover

First things first, make water your best friend. Drink lots and lots of water to get rid of all the toxins that have accumulated in your body. It is said that if your body is dehydrated, the Bhang will create stronger effects for you.

Have some lemonade

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The lemonade is a homemade remedy for all those who are badly suffering from a hangover. The Vitamin C in the lemonade helps in the movement of free radicals.

Have bland food items

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Please do not opt for greasy and fried food items, but a meal that consists of fiber-rich dishes. You can also opt for soups, bananas or any other food items that are light and filling.

Cold Compress

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If you are going through a headache because of all the Bhang hangover, then it’s best to have someone press it for you. If that is not possible for you, you can consider using a cold compress to curb that immense pain that you are experiencing in your head.

No painkillers, please

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We know, it’s hard to handle that bad or body ache but just gulping up medication is not going to help you out in the right way. You already have alcohol in your body hence it is not advisable to pop in more.

Take a nap

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This one is quite mainstream but one of the best ways to get rid of that nasty Bhang Hangover you are experiencing. So, just switch off all the lights and sleep like a little baby. Sleeping is surely going to help you out and relax your body.

Eat fresh fruits

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After that intense Bhang drinking competition, your body actually needs antioxidants and the best way to get them is from vegetables and fruits. You can have fresh salads but make sure they are homemade.

Opt for refreshing drinks

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Opt for a glass of coconut water to refresh your body and mind. The magical beverage consists of electrolytes that help in soothing to the stomach.

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