Since childhood, my brother has always been a fan of those dreadful movies, while people found them freaky, He happened to enjoy it shamelessly.

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Let’s not waste more time and try out on the list I have curated to choose from for all of you.

Ouija : Origin of the Evil

This is an American Horror film released on October 21, 2016, and really managed to take breathes out of people. The plot suggests of a mother with her two daughters all of whom are trying to move on in life after their father’s death. The protagonist, Alice’s intent is to help people move on. One of her daughter Lina suggests her mother use an Ouija board for this instance and mistakenly contact a spirit named Marcus who possess Doris. The movie goes further spooky from there on.

The Wailing

It was a South Korean film released in 2016 which talks about a Japanese man who investigates a series of mysterious killings and illnesses. In the beginning of the movie, the protagonist arrives in the village in the mountains of South Korea where he watches really horrific scenes of a nearly naked man eating a deer. He vows to solve and scrutinize. The movie ends on a very sad note.

Lights Out

An American supernatural film produced by Warner Bros. is one hell of a nerve wracking experience. The story talks about a Physiological disorder. The movie goes on with a mysterious attachment with their mother because of which their sanity is in danger. The horror movies take pride for having a finesse.

The Witch

This movie creates tension layer by layer. Isolation is one of the most significant characters of the film. The movie revolves around a religious man who has been asked to leave his native place in America. You cannot expect a happily ever after from this family and more bad things happen one by one until the end of the story.


This movie talks about an expectant mother and her baby who is horrifically demanding. The protagonist Ruth has absolutely no control over her and is totally convinced that her fetus is compelling her to murder and track down people who were involved in the climbing incident in which her partner died.

Personal Shopper

This movie blew everybody’s heart out in Cannes film festival last year. Going by the posters, it doesn’t even feel like it’s a horror movie. It really revolves around Kristen Stewart whose twin brother had died of a heart attack and she probably has the same genetic problem. She feels that she has spiritual connections with her brother but after a point of time apparently feels like she has a psychological problem of her own.

Get Out

The plot in this movie feels like a slow boil to bomb up later on. The paranoia within the movie is sarcastic too. The story of this movie revolves around a couple namely Rose and Chris. When Chris is invited to Rose’s home for a vacation he feels really awkward and fishy, soon he comes to know that the family has perfected a method of Pseudo mortality where they transfer brains of older family members into younger people. Catch up with the movie to look upon what happens there after.


“It” is an American supernatural film released in 2017 itself. Just the face of the Joker “ Pennywise” makes me uncomfortable and frightened. The story talks about little George who while chasing a paper boat gets trapped into a murderous entity which lies within the sewer pipe and dies.Seven kids like him disappear and they call themselves the losers.What goes it is really thrilling and scary.

Annabelle Creation

This movie is a perfect gift for horror enthusiasts. The story revolves around Mr. and Mrs. Mullin who have encountered the loss of their beloved daughter and decide to nurture two orphan girls home. One of them enters into the forbidden room and sets the doll free. From there on, Annabelle creates a fuss in the house turning all of their lives into a nightmare.

Scientifically, people go and watch horror movies because they want that kind of entertainment to affect them. I would really advise people with a small heart not to watch this kind of movies and it can be immensely disturbing to them.

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