Few more days and the rainy season will be at your doorstep. This season brings a lot of joy in life, but at the same it requires a lot of preparation to enjoy Monsoon in India. So, before stepping out in the rainy season you need to arrange a few things in your wardrobe. Here is the list of Mansoon Essentials that will keep you ready all for the monsoon.


Rain and umbrella are the two things that go side by side. Umbrellas are the best option to keep you dry in the rain. Gone were the days when umbrella used to be a burden on your bags because of bulky size, but now with umbrellas available in different styles and compact shape like foldable and bubble shaped umbrellas its really convenient to slip one in your bag.

Rain Coat

Rain Coat is most essential item one must have in a wardrobe during the rainy season. With so many fancy raincoats available in the market today you can buy one, which suits your style and comfort.

Synthetic tops

Cute and funky tops never go out of trend because of their versatility to be paired up with every other western apparel like jeans, shorts, cropped pants, palazzo, etc. But during the rainy season you need to take care of certain things about tops like the fabric should be synthetic that dry up quickly and easily if you get wet in the rain and the colors shouldn’t be too light and transparent.


Just because it’s rainy season you don’t have to compromise on the style. You can still have that cool look with the stylish shorts paired up with a funky crop top or tube top. While buying yourself a pair of shorts this monsoon keeps in mind to buy the fabric that is comfortable and convenient to wear.

Cropped Pants

People who avoid wearing jeans in the rainy season and are not the shorts person, cropped pants prove to be a lifesaver for them. They are simple yet stylish in its own way. Choose the right fabric and color for your cropped pants, pair them up with cute T-shirt or top and rock the world with style.

Funky Jewellery

You can’t afford to wear heavy jewellery during rains be it a regular day or some special occasion. Instead, you can try funky jewellery that makes you look cool. The jewellery items like bead necklace, metal studs, rings, etc., can be paired up with casual, western, and ethnic wear for chic look.

Gum Boots

Gum Boots prove to be a blessing for your feet in rainy days. They are waterproof, knee-length, made up of rubber and are available in the market in different style and colors. So, all you need to do is take your pick.


Rainy season means a big No-No to cute wedges and elegant stilettos but stylish and colorful flip-flops can totally make up for them. Flip-flops are made up of plastic or rubber and they are very comfortable to wear in monsoon. So add few pairs of cool and durable flip-flops in your wardrobe this rainy season.

Waterproof handbag

Girls just can’t do without their handbags, not even to the best of their days. From keeping their gadgets to make up products they need it for everything. But the rainy season can get really harsh on your expensive and stylish leather bags. so for the monsoon, you can choose some trendy bags made of water-resistant material and requires low maintenance.

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