Start recalling all your Spiderman memories as the trailer of a new Spidey movie has recently launched. But wait a second; this new trailer seems incongruent with the earlier Spiderman world we have seen. It seems a lot of changes have been made in this movie. Well, if you could not spot the new added things in minute details of the trailer, then we are here to help you out.

Spiderman Looks like A School Kid

I know Toby Maguire is the only reference you have for Spiderman, but hey, he doesn’t look like a high school kid anymore. This time they have introduced an actor who looks like a teenager.

Spiderman Has A New Best Friend in Spiderman : Homecoming

In the earlier movie, Peter Parker used to have problems with making friends, but this time he already has a companion in the form of Ned Leeds, played by Jacob Batalon.

Underarm Wings

If you have not noticed, then I should remind you that this time Spiderman has underarm wings, which Tony Stark might have gifted him. So, with this technical intervention our new Spiderman can fly.

A New Suit That Comes Off With Just the Click of a Button

We will talk about the Peter Parker’s Olympic swimmer body later but have you realized that he could take off the Spiderman suit with just the click of a button? I mean this time it’s not just the case of DNA mixing by a spider bite, our new Spiderman believes in technology and engineering rather than pure biology.

Civil War References

If you have a detective’s eye, then you might have spotted the AT-AT Walker at the bottom of right corner of Spiderman’s room. When Ned sees his friend walking on walls, he drops a Lego Death Star action figure. One can easily spot an R2 unit and an X-wing pilot on the shelf behind Spiderman.

Tony Stark Intervention

Earlier, Spiderman realizes his power and their responsibilities to achieve the goal of saving humankind from a green goblin-like figure, but this time Tony Stark is helping him to achieve his dream by providing training and a new Spiderman suit.

Star Wars Easter egg

There was a reference of Star Wars Easter egg in the trailer of Spiderman Homecoming. You must have seen Ned Leeds holding what appears to be a constructed Death Star made out of Legos. If you haven’t noticed it yet, freeze the video at 1:17.

Is Zendaya Playing Mary Jane?

So, we have seen Zendaya in the trailer, but we are confused what is she playing in the movie? Is she Mary Jane in a grouchy look? If not, then who is playing MJ or is she just absent in the movie?

Spiderman Wears His Old Suit Later In the Trailer

In the later part of the trailer, Spiderman appears wearing his previous uniform and we still don’t know whether it was a mistake or Tony Stark took back its mechanical Spiderman suit.

So, guys, you might be thrilled to see the new avatar of Spiderman or may be missing Toby Maguire’s presence in the movie. Whatever may be the case, we must admit the visuals and storyline seem quite appealing, so wait for another eight months for the release of this movie, till then, Keep Guessing!!

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