The first weekend box office collection of A..aa crossed Rs 32 crores.

Released on June 2, 2016, the Tollywood movie A.. Aa has made a mark on both, the hearts of the viewers and the box office collection. Within three days, this light comedy love story has been able to cover approximately 50% of investment by distributors in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana through its box office earnings. Not only viewers but critics too appreciated this Tollywood romantic comedy. The theaters are brimming with viewers and are going houseful in all the areas of its screening- the Telugu speaking regions, which are Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, other locations in India and overseas, especially in the USA. With such a positive response, the movie is expected to be a box office hit.

The much talked about the movie, A..Aa has been directed by Trivikram Srinivas. It features Nithin in the leading role alongside female lead actresses Samantha and Anupama Parameshwaram. The flick managed to please its domestic as well as overseas audience with its charming story, noteworthy acting and great chemistry between the characters. The movie is a complete family film and is a modest option to watch with friends and close ones.

It was released with a bang and is screened across 1385 screens in India and 438 screens overseas. On the first day itself, the movie opened with positive reviews and maintained statistics of box office collection high for the next two days also. The filmmakers anticipated it to cover 70% of total investment within the first week of its release itself.

A.. AA Box Office Collection – Latest Update

3rd Week Collections in USA – $ 20,968 (Friday), $ 32,060 (Saturday), $ 20,858 (Sunday), $ 3,696 (Monday), $ 8,421 (Tuesday), $ 4,148 (Wednesday), $ 2,315 (Thursday); $ 2,405,888 [₹ 16.33 cr] (Total)

A..Aa – Box Office Collections of First Day

1st Day

  • Box Office Collection in India: Rs. 4.50 Cr
  • Nizam- Rs.2.3 Crores
  • Ceeded – Rs.75 Lakhs
  • Uttarandhra East – Rs.56 Lakhs
  • West Krishna – Rs.40.14 Lakhs
  • Guntur – Rs.47.5 Lakhs
  • Overseas Box Office Collection: Rs.1.69 Crores

A..Aa – Box Office Collections of First Weekend

1st Day

  • Box Office Collection in India: Rs. 4.50 Crores

2nd Day

  • Box Office Collection: Crosses Rs. 10 Crores

3rd Day

  • Box Office Collection: Crossed Rs. 8 Cr

Total Box Office Collection for Three Days: More than Rs. 32 Cr.

A..Aa – Box Office Collections of Third Week

3rd Week Collections in USA –

  • $ 20,968 (Friday),
  • $ 32,060 (Saturday),
  • $ 20,858 (Sunday),
  • $ 3,696 (Monday),
  • $ 8,421 (Tuesday),
  • $ 4,148 (Wednesday),
  • $ 2,315 (Thursday);
  • $ 2,405,888 [₹ 16.33 cr] (Total)

As the movie is a product of Tollywood, the biggest collection comes to the Telugu language dominated regions in India. Andhra Pradesh/Telangana Box Office have estimated to collect Rs. 15.89 crores in the first three days of ‘A.. Aa’ movie’s release.

It fetched around Rs. 12 crores to its distributors, who have invested Rs. 23 crores approximately on the movie. The flick has recovered 54.11 percent of investment by the distributors and is expected to cover 15 percent on Sunday as well and rest 70 percent by the end of this week.

‘A.. Aa’ Movie Review

A.. Aa is hit in all aspects – the viewers are appreciating it, the critics are pleased and the box office collection is rising high with every passing day. The movie has proved to be a boon for Nithin, the lead actor and also for Samantha, whose different characterization in the movie is much appreciated. The film has already been considered a musical hit as the audience and music buffs are going gaga over Mickey J Meyer’s compositions.

A Aa Movie Trailer

source: YT / Aditya Music

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