Eyebrows can indeed make or break your look. The shape of your eyebrows has the power to change your look. Badly done eyebrows can look disastrous. Shaping them needs a detailed eye and it’s not as complicated to do them yourself. Yes. You don’t have to go out to a beautician every time your brows need taming.

Tweezing your brows on your own can be daunting at first, but it is not impossible. With some practice, it’s easy. All you need is an eyebrow tweezer. It would be best if you bought a good quality tweezer as anything less than the best won’t be able to get that tiny hair out and may give your brows an unkempt look despite your efforts.

It is crucial that you know the right steps for tweezing your eyebrows beforehand, so that you don’t end up with two messy or mismatched brows.

Here’s a step-by-step guide for using the best tweezers for eyebrows:

Step 1: Locate Your Starting Point

First, flip your eyebrow tweezer upside down so that the open end is pointing downwards. Then, place it vertically alongside the bottom of your brow’s outer edge.

You can use an eye pencil and draw a vertical line to mark each brow’s start. Make sure that the space above your nose’s bridge is balanced in between. Tweeze any stray hair that fall in between your eyebrows and nose.

Step 2: Mark Your End Points

Place the tweezer against your cheek at an angle, so that the open end is at the bottom of your nose and the closedend reaches the outside corner of your eye. The spot where the tweezer intersects with your eyebrow is where the hair should end. Mark it with an eye pencil and tweeze the hair below with the eyebrow tweezer.

Step 3: Choose the Thickness of Your Brows

Use an eye pencil to draw a line along the bottom edge of your brow starting just below the fullest portion of your eyebrows. The line should be above any stray hair and match the natural form of the top line of your forehead that may be bent, slightly curved or even straight. Use the eyebrow tweezer on the stray hair below the line. You can choose the thickness of your brows as per your choice.

Step 4: Shape and Clean Your Brow Arch

Your brow’s arch shouldrise above your iris’s outer rim and touch the brow bone. Use your eye pencil to mark the point, then remove unwantedhair from the edge, beginning at the inner point of the brow to the archtop. You can use an eyebrow pencil to form the tail of your brow after it reaches the edge.

Here are a few things that you must keep in mind while using an eyebrow tweezer:

Don’t Stand Close tothe Mirror

When you stand at a distance from the mirror, you can properly align your brows and see the whole picture. Thus, you will be less likely to tweeze the brows unevenly. After you have shaped the brows, you can get close to tweeze the finer and lighter hair. Stepping back every minute or two is also recommended, so you have a sense of what you are doing.

Don’t Use Ice to Numb Skin

Cold tightens the pores, which may keep the follicles tight. If you are particularly worried about the discomfort while using an eyebrow tweezer, use a numbing spray that is applied to a swab of cotton and then to the skin.

Select a Pain-Free Way to Tweeze Your Brows

Experience pain-free tweezing with eyebrow tweezers from premium brands like Vega. They offer the best tweezers for eyebrows that provide a super clean finish, just as a professional can give you. It is the finest quality tweezer which precisely tweezes tiny, almost inviable stray hair and is exceptionally convenient to use. The square tip of the eyebrow tweezer is accurately positioned for smooth application. The tips are hand polished to provide a non-slip grip.Vega also offers a wide range of other premium personal care and grooming products for your beauty needs. So, forget about the hassles of going to a salon, and get a Vega eyebrow tweezer today!

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