There is a lot of speculation on the web about the releasing date of AOE 4 and the good news is that it is under making and would be on your dear lappies soon. According to the official site, the date of launch could be any day in the coming month of October. It will be exclusively available for Windows 10 in the Windows store. Microsoft unveiled the definitive edition during the PC gaming show at E3. You can play the game on 2 platforms of which one is PC, ( Age of Empires can only be used on Window and Mac) and the other one is for mobile phones namely Castle Siege . You can also play this game with your friends online through a third party game hosting website Voobly. You can play AOE 4 through Voobly game lobbies. The game will cost 19.99$ in U.S.

The new features of the game would comprise of a new user interface, improved artificial intelligence, much larger population cap, modern unit queuing, ability to attack and move with one click , controlling groups and improved online multiplayer .

As told in an interview from the official site, one of the senior engineer Rich Geldreich JR. explains some more about the new features of the game which are frame rate optimisation, compression, 64 – bit porting, the biggest shift is how to leverage the power of G.P.U. shaders while still staying true to game’s original technique. there is addition of several bloom and post processing related effects and the result is a pleasant mix of 2D and 3D approaches. It also no longer relies on Microsoft’s deprecated Directplay API.

Games are structured forms of recreational plays to encourage aesthetics in everyone of us while this one is a hell of a ride. The unique selling point of the Age of Empire franchisee is how it changes you as a person. It definitely fulfills a person’s dream to become the general of an army. And is actually like living into past and getting to know our early beings. The most important criteria of the game is to define your strategy.

Let me take you to the erstwhile parts of the game and try and refresh your memory , these are as follows :

AGE OF EMPIRES : The first part is based on the very early civilization . Being the first part of the series it was released on 15th of October 1997. It gives the player an option to develop his character from the stone age to the iron age .

AGE OF EMPIRE 2 : This was released on September 30,1999 . It talks about the human civilization of the middle age , dark age and the imperial age . Players can choose to play as any one of the 13 civilizations which are split into 4 topics namely Western European , Eastern European , Middle Eastern and East Asian .

AGE OF EMPIRE 3 : It was released on October 18 , 2005 . It is based on the colonized era. It provides access to some greater improvements such as buildings , stronger economy and units .

AGE OF MYTHOLOGY : This is the part where heroes battle with the monster legends and gods intervene. This is most relatable part you will come across.

The distinctive features of the AGE OF EMPIRE 2 were that the maps size were larger, there was a difference between speed, cavalry and infantry, had to cover very short distances, has hills and terrains on a slope, there was funneling enemy armies into oasis, building towers, shooting from top of a hill. The forests are pretty vast. The game would not eat too much of your data. There were certain relics to be captured, the need of micromanaging your soldiers is tremendous, towers could be used as defensive tool. The town centers are more dynamic and could be build anywhere and in any no. Each and every unit is clearly visible. The player needs to focus on the war and economy at the same time.

The AGE OF EMPIRE 3 has marvellous features of different civilizations namely which are Spanish – have faster shipment and treaty in missionary boost, the Dutch have big military, the Ports have dragon and organ guns, Russia has cheaper and weaker units and port building musketeers. France follows the fur trade, Germany has settler wagons and doppers Ottoman has awesome artillery. Troquins have fur trade, Sioux has 45 plus dog soldiers and India gives you elephants, cows and sepoys.

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