Aluminum Composite Panels (ACP) – a multilayer material consisting of two outer layers of aluminum and mineral filler. The excellent qualities of alucobond in Sydney inspire professionals and enable innovative solutions in a whole range of architecture – from private residential buildings, public buildings, representative corporate offices, to large shopping and industrial centers. Thanks to these composite panels, a lot of buildings create their individual image through the corporate identity, regardless of whether it is a question of gas stations, car dealerships, banks or supermarkets.

What are the pros of composite panel cladding?

Consider the main advantages of aluminium composite panel in Sydney:

  • Soundproofing. The special structure of Alucobond significantly reduces the amount of sound penetrating from the street into the room. This creates more comfortable conditions for being in the building.
  • Weather resistant. The material isn’t exposed to precipitation (snow, rain), cold, or sunlight for several decades. Therefore, it is perfectly suited to the changing climate. The temperature range for aluminum panels ranges from -80 to +60 ° С.
  • Resistance to aggressive environments. Thanks to the protective anti-corrosion coating on the inside of the panel, Alucobond in Sydney does not lose its properties when exposed to alkali, acid or moisture. 
  • Long service life. High quality materials ensure the preservation of the ideal appearance and protective properties for many years.
  • Fire resistance. Facade panels, due to the presence of non-combustible material in their structure, can be mounted on any building (especially at gas stations).
  • Flexibility of aluminum panels. This fact makes it possible to veneer the most complex building structures with many bends. 

Features and application of Alucobond

Given the large number of distinctive benefits of composite panel cladding, Alucobond material finds its application in various fields of activity. Alucobond panels, which were recently used only for cladding the facade of a building, are now used in interior design or in the manufacture of advertising stands. This material is produced with different thickness and width and length (3/4 mm – 0.3/0.4 mm, where 3/4 mm is the upper aluminum layer, and 0.3/0.4 mm is the lower aluminum layer of the structure). 

In addition, composite panels are used as an insulating material in noisy facilities. These can be airports, subways, etc. Aluminium composite panel in Sydney is also used in the construction of industrial devices or machine tools. Many shopping centers, office buildings and even residential buildings in Australia are faced with this material.

Installation of aluminium composite panel in Sydney

Before you start finishing the building with facing material, you should measure the building, calculate the amount of materials needed, select the size and type of fasteners (anchor bolts are used for mounting Alucobond). Composite panel cladding has several stages:

  1. The walls of the building are marked with a laser, aiming cord, tape measure or other means. 
  2. Then, the specialist makes holes for fasteners with a puncher with a depth exceeding the length of the anchor bolt by 10 mm. If the wall is made of brick, you should drill the brick, not the seam.
  3. The correct fastening of the bracket to the wall is made in this way: put a washer on the bolt; insert a plastic dowel, together with a thermally insulating gasket, into the hole; install and fix the bracket with a bolt. 
  4. At the end, you need to mount a profile. Some panels have special fixing locks. If there are no locks, Alucobond composite panels are mounted using self-tapping screws.

Alucobond in Sydney is gaining more and more popularity, which is distinguished by a high-quality material structure. Being resistant to any climatic conditions and distinguished by the low weight of the panels, this material is ideal for the cladding of the building, manufacture of advertising objects or for the interior decoration of the premises. Turn to professionals to get the best Alucobond installation!

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