The Biggest Loser Of The Year: Anant Ambani In His New Lean Avatar

Anant Ambani, the loving and youngest son of the Mukesh Ambani, Chairman of Reliance Industries Limited, and Nita Ambani recently in one of the IPL9 matches caught the limelight for losing oodles of weight and since then the internet is flooded with this news.

Recently Salman Khan took to Twitter to appreciate Anant Ambani’s determination and hard work.

MS Dhoni too had kind words for the young man.

He had promised himself that he will lose weight and become fit by his 21st birthday and he did it.

From last few days, his lean pictures of weight loss are buzzing on Twitter, a micro-blogging site. He has become a great inspiration for all the youngsters who are facing this problem.

He has achieved this amazing weight loss simply by natural means. Daily yoga, weight training, walk for 21 km and high-intensity cardio exercises has made it possible for him. He used to exercise 5-6 hours every day.

Presently, Anant Ambani is studying at Brown University, US. He is an animal lover and wildlife enthusiast who is also a great fan of Cricket and seen many times cheering his father’s cricket team Mumbai Indians.

In childhood, he was suffering from chronic asthma and the medication taken for this disease made him obese. He was always in the news for the reason of his obesity and was fighting against it from last many years.

Finally, he has made the impossible possible and lose 108 Kg in last 18 months.

According to India today, India is the world’s third most obese country whereas in the US, the one-third adult population is overweight. The junk food, alcoholism, and inactivity are the biggest reasons for the increase in a number of obese people. We want to eat tasty food and live lavishly but in all this we forget that these things are bringing obesity and many other diseases such as heart stroke, diabetes, cancers, etc. with it.

Obesity is more common among the younger people because of their habits of eating unhealthy food and sedentary life. Nowadays children like eating pizzas and burgers over the chapattis and playing video games rather than outdoor games. The youngsters need to understand that life is not about eating, watching TV or playing video games, it is about living happy and healthy while achieving some real goals.

Though all bodies are beautiful, but if you are healthy and fit then you will be able to enjoy this life more. The first step towards beating the obesity is to start with having healthy food such as green vegetables, fresh fruits, nuts, cereals, etc. Healthy diet and exercise are all you need to fight obesity and stay fit.

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