People often have this bad habit of not washing their face after they reach home after a day at work. Never should you miss washing your face because throughout the day, dust and dirt accumulate on your skin which eventually clogs your pores. People who have sensitive skin are more prone to such bad effects because their skin is the torchbearer of the touch me not fraternity. So it becomes really important to take care of your skin.

Here is a line up of best anti-acne face wash for sensitive skin.

Cetaphil Gentle skin cleanser

Best Face Wash

Available for $9.49, I found this to be best one out of the lot. Cetaphil has been a trusted brand for years now. It is dermatologist tested and has a non-soap formula which definitely would not irritate the skin. This is probably the first choice of people who suffer from sensitive skin conditions and acne.

Clean and Clear Foaming Face Wash

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Available for $4.29, it is a total drugstore product but a commendable one. It has a foam base which does not irritate your skin and makes it feel smooth after application. It consists of ingredients which help in preventing breakouts to happen.

Olay gentle Clean foaming face cleanser for sensitive skin

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Available for $4.97, it is 100% fragrance-free and dermatologist tested as well. Olay provides you with an extra benefit of being an oil and soap-free formula too. The rich lather would not irritate your sensitive skin.

Clearasil Ultra Rapid Action Daily face wash

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Available for $1.81, this one claims to give you visibly clearer skin after 12 hours of using the product. The product is dermatologist tested and effective as well. People with dry skin should not use it as it makes the skin feel drier than usual. If you have a party in line then this one is your best bet.

Dove Men Care face wash

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We should not forget men while talking about face washes. Available for $4.69, this one stands for its reputation. It is dermatologist tested for sensitive skin people and is even better for those who have dry skin. It prevents breakouts by cleaning the skin even and out.

Aveeno Clear Complexion Foaming facial cleanser

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Available for $5.99, it prevents breakouts without irritating the sensitive skin of yours. The skin feels fresh after the all the cleansing and does not tend to make it dry. It has just the right amount of softness, it’s neither greasy nor too dry.

Some points to keep in mind if you have acne.

Avoid oily and sugary food as much as you can.

Always wash your face whenever you reach home from a day out.

Never forget to wash your face before sleeping at night because our skin goes through healing process at that time, by not doing so you will tend to have more breakouts because of all the accumulated dirt and clogged pores.

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