The Apple update 11 has been doing rounds lately but Apple is in news for yet another amazing thing again. The Apple Phone is every Apple users essential that he or she cannot live without at all. When Apple is put on download, we are all excited to see what is the new update has in store for us.

So how many times you have seen phone companies being concerned about phone addictions or technology addiction for the kids. We all perhaps see this every day but do not do anything so as to save the kids or even ourselves from the addiction. The dopamine hit of the tech is so bad that even a three-year-old kid is found playing games and watching youtube videos on the cell phone rather than playing and giggling.

Recently, Apple held the annual company’s conference in California and talked about a new feature of the Apple iPhone which will be a part of IOS 12. The Apple’s Vice President of Software Engineering discussed how Apple is going to be a part of this imaginative save the world from tech addiction campaign. Apple is going to introduce new features like screen timer, notifications alert and do not disturb to save us from staying clung to our phones throughout the day.

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  • Do not disturb – You can set the do not disturb feature which will then prompt your phone to dim its light and hide any kind of notification alert until you activate it. You can set it during bedtime or when you are in class.
  • Screen Timer – This feature will allow you to see how much time you spend on a particular app and will also allow to set a time limit for each respective application you use.
  • Notifications – You can now control how you receive notifications throughout the day.

Here are 10 things that we love about Apple iPhone.

Apple’s Security is Marvellous

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The Apple is every bit of marvelous! Be it iMessage or Facetime, no one in the world can possibly trespass it’s security measures. With an amazing set of keyboard lock that is tough to crack, you can always be safe with an iPhone.

They look so enchanting always!

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With a range of some really luxurious colors that Apple iPhone offers, you can be rest assured about the enchanting look that is going to offer to you. The Rose Gold is probably every girl’s favorite.

The iPhone Camera has fantastic quality

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They are a range of phones now that have been introduced with a point of view of just being a camera phone. Will, the Apple iPhone is an allrounder in the class. It has always had an ethereal camera that takes superb pictures of just about anything and with it comes a range of other features too.

It is a luxurious iPhone

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The apple has always had a kind of social status and the logo simply shows that you are the owner of the expensive phone, it does really have a kind of special place in everyone’s heart and mind.

The lifespan of iPhone is good

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The iPhone trust me is not going to betray you for another 3-4 years or more. It will work marvelously for you throughout. The making of the phone certainly high end and it strives to maintain its quality.

You can always swap your iPhone

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If you ever experienced any problem with your Apple iPhone and if the issue is at the company’s end, you can always get it replaced at the Apple Service Center. Thus, we can say that Apple does know how to maintain its customer base.

The IOS is known for its stability

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The software of the iPhone is beyond comparison. It has less of bugs and seamlessly works all the time. Also, Apple’s app store is a restrictive environment and does not allow any unacceptable application on IOS that might hinder its reputation.

The resale value of an iPhone is always high

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Even if you sell the phone after a year, the resale value of the phone will be higher as compared to other phones.

The Apple iPhone is easy to use

good things about iphone

It seems like a dopamine hit when you start using Apple iPhones. In simple words, you don’t have to open hundreds of apps to open one single app. The usage is not complicated at all.

The iPhone X has animojis

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Yes, we do love and adore that beautiful animoji. That feature makes you feel like a kid again and you can probably play with them all day and lower down your stress levels.

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