With the launch of Apple iPhone 7, buyers are torn between going for the Apple iPhone 6S and Apple iPhone 7: a choice made more difficult by the pros and cons of both phones.

The world of phones has had a riveting change in the last few years and the credit for the most part goes to certain brands who have continued to brainstorm and take the technology more and more forward.

While, it is valiant that there’s a stoppage point where you just can’t move towards any more excellence; these brands are not only exceeding this stage but coming out with inventive mobile phones that are making a consumer change their mobile every other year or two – yes, pity  the annual expense budget.

One of such companies is Apple. The Apple iPhone was one of the initial mobiles that changed the whole game. Initially coming with a 3.5 inch screen and itunes app, the game changer mobile became a standard for other companies to follow upon and now coming into the 2016 – Apple finds itself making the Apple loyalist convinced that it is continuously improving and moving forward but there’s a catch.

Is iPhone 7 really the successor to iPhone 6s? Or is it the same old baby in a new box with a slightly modified make-up? We trace the truth for you.

iPhone 7 has the better of iPhone 6s


While it is quite apparent that the 2 mobiles look quite identical in looks, there are certain modifications done that may not be huge but are significant in determining where exactly Apple has improved over it’s last year’s release.


  • The processor in the iPhone 7 is Apple A10 fusion while the iPhone 6s has A9.
  • The RAM remains the same in both the models; however the new iPhone 7 comes with double storage in 32 GB, as opposed to 16GB of iPhone 6s.

Selfie gen

  • Another aspect where the iPhone 7 clicks is the “selfie aspect” and with it becoming a global rage, a mobile without a strong front end camera just won’t work for today’s tech generation.
  • Apple clinically comes out as winner in terms of upgrading the 5MP camera of iPhone 6s to 7MP camera in iPhone 7.

Why iPhone 6s might be a better choice


  • The modern theory has become “new is always better”, the traditional ideology of “old is gold” though isn’t apprehensive either.
  • In the case of iPhone 6s vs iPhone 7, the latter wins in many specification aspects but there is one BIG aspect where it loses out to it’s predecessor – the monetary aspect.
  • Coming of new iPhone meant that the prices for the earlier version were cut down which meant that the iPhone that launched last year at around the same price (64,000) has now become cheaper.
  • On Amazon.IN, the new iPhone 7comes at 81,999, while the iPhone 6S is almost priced at half which is 42,690.


  • It is all good to move to the future and start to become a brand that is futuristic and influences it’s customers to be the same but there’s a different between doing it with style and just forcing customer to buy what you give them.
  • It’d have been a great festival gift had iPhone come with free Bluetooth ear pods for you to listen to music on the new iPhone because apparently Apple has made the shocking decision to move over the 3.5MM jacks in it’s mobiles.
  • Which means that along with purchasing the new iPhone at 81,000 – you are also to make money for an expensive Bluetooth audio set.

Our verdict

It is quite clear that the new iPhone isn’t the same old body in a new box, as some reports were suggesting.

The new iPhone is an improvement to the previous one but not necessarily an improvement that should make you rush to an Apple store near you.

It is palpable that the new iPhone will have more buzz than the one that released the previous year but with the more pros to the iPhone 6s than to the iPhone 7 coming from even those who have purchased the new version, might make you tempted to become a part of the Apple family by purchasing iPhone 6S that is more or less a cheaper version of iPhone 7.

Add to that benefits of there being a 3.5MM jack, 5MP selfie camera and saving of additional 40,000 – which you could use next year for probably the next iPhone, which might be THE game changer.

Contributor:- Aditya Jha

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