As March is coming to a fag end, the ladders to April’s first day is being climbed. The first day of April is terribly irking for the ones who are the victims, fooled and laughed by the troublesome wicked pranksters who spare no stone to intervene in their space. For the active participants of this day, keep a bucket full of pranks ready that knocks the doors of the innocents, without any zero advance period. The theme of April Fools Day is further dramatized in the movies to a crazy level, where the pranks bring dooms to the life of the ones who are played silliness on.

Here are some hilariously evil, fun riding April Fool Day Movies that will leave you awestruck with the pranks they have deployed within the characters of the movies. Don’t just prank, grab popcorns and watch how the pranks have been worked upon.

April Fool’s Day (1986 film)

Fred Walton’s mystery horror movie, April Fool’s Day is one of the premium choices of Fool’s Day. The group of friends celebrates their springtime break by routing to cousin’s mansion where Muffy has laid the variety of pranks throughout the mansion such as dribble glasses, whoopee cushions, and heroin paraphernalia in a guest’s wardrobe. The whole movie begins to unroll the slasher events carried out by the characters getting vanished, killed and chased. And ends on a note of partying. Confused? Watch the movie and unearth the complicated threads of the plot.

April Fool’s Day (Remake of 1986 Film)

The directors of The Hamilton’s unleashed the remake of the 1986’s April Fool’s Day following the genre of horror in April Fool’s Day. The setting of 1st April 2007, Cartier throws a party on her mansion for her actress friend Torrance Caldwell. The wicked schemes of throwing pranks by Desiree by videotaping Milan but she dies due to seizure. Next year, anonymous invitation stating that “I have a proof” with a venue of meeting at Milan’s grave. The scene begins to unfold by bringing doom into the lives of the characters.

Killer Party

William Fruet horror-comedy movie, Killer Party stars three girls pledging to the sorority. On the day of the initiation, Vivia plays an elaborate prank on the girls and subsequently become a part of the sorority girls which is followed by a traditional April fool’s day party, held at an abandoned frat house. Towards the end, Jennifer is found to be possessed by the demon tries to call Phoebe and Vivia. They make a good escape and Phebe is found to be under the control of demon and Vivia wishes not to go with Phoebe

Slaughter House

A slasher film directed by the trio Dugdale, Ezra and Litten, has the conventional storyline of a prank which went wrong on the very April Fool’s Day, the group os students reunite at their now-defunct school. When they get inside, the jibe is played, a jester is awaiting for their presence in the building and begins to murder them.

Apart from the Pranks and Jibes, grab popcorns and enjoy the feast of these movies.

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