So how many of you watch documentaries or shows that offer some really interesting revelations or facts about some or the other thing. Well if you are one of them then you will definitely love this April Fools day facts article. Let me first tell you a really intriguing fact about the French word Poisson d’Avril! Any idea? No? Well, this one word is somehow related to the April Fools day only.

Let’s break the suspense! In France, kids play a humorous trick on their friends by sticking the picture of fish on their friends back, when the joke is realized they shout the word “ Poisson d’Avril”. If you want to know about more like these, you can head down below.

” In Scotland, the April Fools day is called the Huntigowk Day as in the Scottish language, the meaning of the word ” Gowk” is a foolish Individual.”

” In the year 1976, The News Channel BBC actually convinced its viewers that there will be a special alignment of the planets of the universe which is going to decrease the Earth’s gravity for a temporary basis. People got all convinced and were making calls to tell that they actually felt the effects.”

” In the year 1989, the well known Billionaire Richard Branson actually created a hot air balloon which was made to look like an UFO. He also hired a dwarf who was asked to wear the E.T like costume and scare away whoever was near.”

” In the year 2002, Nasa issued a picture of Moon and said that it was all made of cheese and actually had an expiry date.”

” In the year 2008, The BBC actually tricked its viewers by saying that the Penguins in Antartica had started flying and they are heading up towards the tropical rainforest of South America.”

” In some countries, people throw flour at each other to mark the April Fools day.”

” It is believed that the poem ” The Canterbury’s tale ” by Geoffrey Chaucer was associated with the April Fools day.”

” In the year 1868, a joke was published that urged everyone to go and see how lions were being washed at the Tower of London.”

” The other names of the well known April Fools day are April Noddy Day, Gowkie Day, Huntigowk Day.

” In the year 1957, BBC broad casted that the Swiss farmers were actually sowing and harvesting something called the Spaghetti crop and this festival was called the ” Swiss Spaghetti harvest.”

” The festival of Easter is falling on April Fools day in the year 2018.”

” The Royal family of Korea is allowed to lie and play pranks on the April Fools day.”

” Google launched the Gmail app on the eve of April Fools day.”

” In the year 2002, Tesco published a news that they had created the whistling carrots which had air holes in them and you could actually use them to whistle.”

” In the year 1980, The channel BBC declared that the Big Ben was being given a makeover and would have a digital readout to keep up with the changing times and trends.”

” The country of Scotland observes the April Fools occasion for two days, the second day is known as the ” Taily day” in which people put messages like Kick me and stuff on each other’s backs.”

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