If you have ever watched the Pup Quiz that is aired on a very reputed talk show with celebrities, you can make out by the size of smile that they bring onto their faces that how nice puppies and stress relief actually work together. It is proven that pets reduce stress in humans. If you ever feel upset about something in life, just try petting animals for once. Stress relief dog therapy works best for people who are going through any kind of tension in life.  It doesn’t matter if you are school going or college, it is said that pets actually relieve the stress of college students in the same way as of someone who is working.

If you own a pet dog or a pet cat at home, you probably know how much positivity that house actually accumulates by the presence of a pet. And if you don’t own one, I assume that you have almost been amused by people who actually talk with their pets like babies. Well, what they are doing is not something to be laughed at, this is actually a stress relieving technique that they are not even aware of. Doing some baby talk with them makes people forget about the negative thoughts for a while for sure.

Here are some ways in which being around pets actually make us feel get rid of stress.

Your pet will never judge you

The best ever thing about being with a pet during upset times is that it will never judge you. He won’t blabber about you and take out your faults in anything. He will just try to cuddle and make you feel loved.

They will reduce your blood pressure

It is believed that pets can help in reducing the blood pressure of a human being by just being around. Researchers around the world say that touching is not so important just looking in their eyes does the work for humans.

You always have someone to cuddle with

Someone who has a dog will never feel lonely at their home because they can always cuddle their loving dog. They actually will listen to you and try to comfort you if ever feel like crying. Trust me, this is actually tried and tested.

They help in stress hormone reduction

It is almost like being in love when you are playing or petting your dogs. They help in the increase of the stress-reducing hormone oxytocin and help in the decrease of the stress-inducing one which is cortisol. Changes in the hormones make us feel more relaxed thus.

They help us restore our mental energy

When you go back home from a stressful day at work, try to play with them for a while. It will actually make you more energetic and positive about yourself. Pets are divine I must say.

They encourage us to get up and exercise

Most of you must be aware of the fact that exercising is actually linked to the increase of happy hormones in our body. Well, taking our pets for walks and exercising with them will help you get some fresh air and thus will make you feel more comforting.

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