How to deal with Road Rage

Road Rage engulfs a driver without warning, and tends to destabilize a person that it makes him / her irrationally impulsive, to do things they normally would not like to do chasing, abusing, running down, hurting, bashing, at times even killing. The factors causing road rage vary from increasing number of vehicles jostling for the … Read more

Gorgeous IPL Cheerleaders From Every Team

group of cheerleader on green field

Cheerleaders add a lot of flavor of glitz and glamour to the already extravagant Indian Premier League. These gorgeous cheerleaders have caught the attention of the fans all over the country, and have now become an indispensable part of the IPL. Chennai Super Kings Cheerleaders Kings XI Punjab Cheerleaders Rajasthan Royals Cheerleaders Royal Challengers Bangalore … Read more

Is Consolidated Credit a Good Idea

black payment terminal

If you’re having a whale of a time keeping up with your credit card payments, you need to take serious action to get you back on track. You’ve heard something about debt consolidation but aren’t sure what it entails. So, is consolidated credit a good idea? Let’s take a look. The Situation It’s becoming increasingly … Read more

The Hilarious The Pirate Bay’s Legal Responses will make your ROLF!

In addition to car makers Volvo and furniture store IKEA, interest in Sweden has been boosted also by the notorious Pirate Bay. But the file-sharing fun doesn’t end there. Here are few Hilarious Legal Notices & The Pirate Bay Responses. DreamWorks Sub: Unauthorized Use of DreamWorks SKG Properties To Whom It May Concern: This letter is … Read more

A Water Bottle That Reminds You To Drink

Never get thirsty again! Alarm inside Vittel bottle cap reminds you to drink every hour.

French marketing agency Oglivy Paris has designed a new bottle cap. The cap has an in-built timer that reminds you when to rehydrate. When it is screwed onto a regular water bottle a timer is activated. After an hour a spring causes a flag to ‘ping’ up so you remember to drink.

Vittel is a French brand of bottled water sold in many countries. Since 1992 it has been owned by Nestlé. Mineral water from the source at Vittel has been bottled and made available for curative and, increasingly, for commercial purposes since 1854.

This magical concrete can solve water-logging problems in India

Remember the thing that makes monsoons in India less beautiful (read ‘horrendous’)? Yes, water-logging; one of the many adverse phenomenons that the municipalities in even the major cities of the country fail to cope with. Hence, every year, cities like Mumbai, Kolkata, etc. go partially under water with water-logged streets and over-flowing gutters.

An end to puddles? Bizarre ‘thirsty’ concrete sucks up hundreds of gallons of water in less than a minute.

Concrete is rarely the most fascinating of subjects, but a strange ‘thirsty’ version of the material has turned it into something rather compelling.
Topmix Permeable concrete is designed to be a super-absorbent surface covering that allows water to seep through it rather than sitting on top in an attempt to combat flooding.

While the Topmix Permeable concrete has already been used in a car park in High Wycombe and Worksop Golf Course in England, it would be great to see some of it spread across a few flood-prone places in India.

Fantasy Thriller Movie LUDO Goes International With Reel Suspects

Paris based international sales agent Reel Suspects has announced that LUDO, the latest fantasy thriller directed by Q and Nikon, will be a part of its latest international distribution catalogue. LUDO, which is now in the final phase of its post-production, was a part of their catalogue at the Cannes Film Festival this year. Reel Suspects … Read more