Radhika Apte’s Bombairiya goes International with Kreo Films

Producer Michael Ward spared no effort to ensure Pia Sukanya’s debut film Bombairiya gets the biggest names associated with the project. Touted for having an unusual and quirky cast, Michael is all set to take the film i​international and hence has tied up with Kreo Films, whose Dubai-based subsidiary has emerged as a Co-producer of … Read more

Is CaptainKyso Designer brand suitable for Bollwood Celebs!

Chris Wharton-Hobbit an illustrator based in London, UK whoz has worked with various clients like Nokia, Penguin, Washington Post, Pearson publishing, Renault, Cinemoi, GAP, Showcase communications among others, is now also creating unique designs for CAPTAINKYSO.com an International website taken over by a young 23 year old Indian, Shivam Shah. 2 designs of Captain KYSO-Politics … Read more

Radhika Apte and Ravi Kishan to become Romeo and Juliet in Bombairiya

As far as unique castings go, Director Pia Sukanya’s directorial debut Bombairiya seems to have left no stone unturned. And as far as unique pairings go, Pia seems to have gone the extra mile by pairing Radhika Apte and Ravi Kishan together in what can only be described as curious relationship. The duo was recently … Read more

Gavie Chahal & Deana Uppal bond together for Yeh Hai India

The starcast of ‘Yeh Hai India’ boasts of an exciting blend of raw and experienced actors where Gavie Chahal and Deana Uppal compliment veterans Mohan Agashe and Mohan Joshi beautifully. Debutant director Lom Harsh’s ambitious brainchild ‘Yeh Hai India’ has completed the first schedule at a blistering pace. Lom Harsh told media, “First schedule of … Read more