15 Best Mens Dress Shoes Brands

According to me, the best dress shoes for a formal event would be Calibrate ‘Reggio’ patent leather derby. They have such a shiny and sleek look to them that they are definitely the stunners in the shoe fraternity. You can pair them with nicely tailored suits and look absolutely hot and peachy. The 15 best … Read more

These Are The Nicest And Kindest Hollywood Celebrities In Real Life | Most Generous Celebrities | Most Charitable Celebrities

Even if we manage to make one person or a stranger smile in a day, it is a worthwhile one. Bible also says in the Ephesians 4:32 that you should be kind to others, Tenderhearted, forgiving as God in Christ forgave you. We have taken into note some of the philanthropic celebrities who really are … Read more

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9 Best Horror Movies of All Time

Since childhood, my brother has always been a fan of those dreadful movies, while people found them freaky, He happened to enjoy it shamelessly. Let’s not waste more time and try out on the list I have curated to choose from for all of you. Ouija : Origin of the Evil This is an American … Read more

Best Women’s Perfume 2017 | Best Smelling | Long Lasting Perfumes for Her

Signature scents are world’s best ways to choose your body fragrance, for instance, floral is most widely used in female fragrances because they are sweet and easily recognizable while men tend to carry a very strong aroma around them because it depicts masculinity. I personally own and love David off cool water eau de toilette, … Read more

Most Fashionable Female Celebrities | List of Best Dresses Style Icons

Rachel Zoe rightly said that Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak. Wearing something with panache gives a confidence boost to self.  Like it’s said ” beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”, it certainly stands true. We ladies always dress to impress. We have really stylish celebs … Read more

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What To Wear On First Date For Women

Just have a look at the tips beneath and get styled. While on a shopping spree, the first thought that comes to my mind for inspiration is an insight to Rachel Green’s wardrobe from Friends. I am totally a die hard fan of hers. Now let’s talk about what she wore on her first date … Read more