We all follow people related to our preferences. Many of you could be strong advisers of fashion, food or jewelery. The thing I am talking about here is , you can give a high to your passion by sharing your set of ideas with people. Influence comes from having a deep connection with the audience. For instance, I have a fetish for makeup so I usually follow tons and tons of makeup artists but the one who influences me the most is Huda beauty.

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Let’s say, you have a thing for food, wherever you go you the first thought that comes to your mind is clicking a picture of the plate and that means you are there to go, bro! The first and foremost thing to keep in mind is to connect by heart with your admirers. You need to be competent enough to win the race, the thing that will make you differ from others is if your pictures give them an idea of what you are! Don’t try and be cliche!

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According to a survey, following is the amount of money that an Instagram influencer earns :

  • 10-25k followers – 25 to 60$
  • 25-50k followers – 50 to 70$
  • 50 -75k followers – 80 to 300$
  • 75-100k followers – 250 to 400$
  • 100-250k followers -350 to 550$
  • 250-500k followers -400 to 650$
  • 500-1m followers – 500 to 750$
  • 1m + followers – 900 to 1500$
  • 2m+ followers – 2000 to 4000$

Hence now you understand how much Instagram helps you to make fast bucks.

The ability to drive traffic towards yourself is the biggest fact and quality you should persist within yourself, here are some great tips to earn a large following base for yourself.

#1 Curate your queries if you have any !

For example, if you aspire to run M.U.A Page, follow a few top notch influencers and learn from them.

#2 Promote your page anywhere and everywhere

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We live in the 21st century, it’s our birthright to have umpteen no. of social media accounts. You can share your posts on twitter, facebook, Pinterest or woobox to gather more public attention.

#3 Never plagiarize

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Learn to keep yourself distinct at all costs.

#4 Use hashtags

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Higher the number of hashtags, the number of user engagement.

#5 Identify your audience

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It is very important to know which strata of civils you are targeting.

Never use something that hurts religious sentiments of people.

While it is always important to be authentic in your approach, it definitely won’t harm your potential to learn from these ace Instagrammers.


He proves to be the virtual guru of bodybuilding enthusiasts . his unique selling point is his tagline which says “ just lift”!


Her page on Instagram is a complete food porn. Her unique selling point is that she clicks food pictures intelligently aligned with famous monuments or buildings. Good Job Girl.


This page is completely dedicated to different cuisines of food . Do check out.


She is the one I follow too, a fashion blogger who has partnered with Fendi and Louis Vuitton definitely will give you goosebumps.



She is a babe, mother of a little girl and an M.U.A seen sizzling and scorching all over Instagram.

This can be the most creative and enjoyable career you will ever come across. if you manage to engage a good fan base for yourself, it is always possible to gather attention from high-end brands or people from your related industry to market their products. Now that’s something marvelous enough to enjoy the intensity of jealous rage your peers will have for you.


So grab the golden opportunity, this promising platform provides you with and climb up the ladder of growth.

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