So, the one you are looking beneath is an Es tee Lauder I am talking about. In my opinion , you really do not need a concealer or anything else while bringing this into play. It contains SPF 15 and has 12 hour staying power. It is available for 45$ at  Amazon. 

Foundations acquires a really significant place in our vanity bags and putting on a foundation is undoubtedly the second major step after applying primers onto our faces. Nevertheless, going to the mall for buying makeup products is never a tedious task for us girls but there are several things to keep in mind while buying them. I am going to talk about steps to choose the perfect foundation for you today.

You can never pick up a foundation randomly, you definitely have to put in some efforts to select the right one.

Choose according to the skin tone

Have you ever wondered how Jennifer Aniston looks so flawless and pretty as hell? It’s because she has got the right kind of makeup on her skin that’s according to her skin tone. There are obviously different types of spots, patches, pigmentation, acne spots on everybody’s face so you need to determine the right shade for yourself. For instance, people with a warmer skin tone, choose a golden or yellow base.

Similarly, people with cooler undertones can opt between cocoa and rose base color.

Choose according to your skin type

I have extremely dry skin so I will never choose a matte base foundation for myself. People like me can use liquid base foundations. Matte base works best for people who are acne prone and have extremely oily skin.

Testing on the right body part

Never ever test your product on your arms as it will never give you the right result. Check the shade on your neck or apply it to the jawline. You can choose out from thereon.

Consider the applicator type

If you are a beginner, I would really recommend you to use the bottle type of applicator because it does not create much of a mess. For everybody else, tube or spray type will work prominently.

Check the coverage

If you do not want the foundation to be evident on your face, choose from the sheer coverage range, if you are okay with a little bit of visibility then medium coverage is the perfect choice for you. For all the no worry babes full coverage shades are the right choice.

Look out for the brand

While these would not burn your pocket, but taking your skin on toll is not any wise decision at all. Please avoid street selling foundations as they are laden with lots of harmful chemicals that can damage the skin.

Double Tasker

Find a foundation that has sunscreen properties which will not only act as a makeup product but also will work as a shield for you. Prefer a product which has at least SPF 50 power.

Tips to follow while applying a foundation


  • Always apply the foundation in a dabbing motion.
  • Never forget to moisturize your skin before applying.
  • Use a primer if you have very oily skin.
  • Ensure your sponge and brushes are clean and safe.
  • Use a beauty blender to apply the product, it will work wonders for you.
  • Do not forget to apply it onto the neck and the edges of your face.
  • Ask the makeup artist at the store for help.

Sleep, eat, makeup and repeat

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