We’ve all created our wish lists and through the savings done all through the year –we’ve reached the stage where we finally have enough to buy the perfect Apple MacBook. In the series of Apple articles, we start with suggesting you some of the best picks from the available Apple laptops to choose from.

Apple as a brand has revolutionized the global world of tech and gadgets and while we’ve all wanted to be a part of the “Apple family”, sooner or later the money aspect comes into it. But, there’s no stopping a tech freak from buying what he has set his eyes upon and thus we start to save money for the perfect Apple gift.

We know that the amount you’re spending has been preciously earned and you deserve the most precious gift.

Apple MacBook Air MMGF2HN/A

Apple MacBook AIR

13.3-inch screen

  • Power packed but sleek in it’s outer design, this Apple MacBook is one of the cheapest doing rounds in the market.
  • At a price-point of less than 60,000, you’d hardly find any laptop with as much strength as this one.
  • With 13.3 inch screen, this MacBook delivers in performance with it’s i5 5th gen processor, 1.6 GHZ speed and 8 GB of ram.
  • 12 hours of battery backup is an addition to the superb processor.

Apple MacBook Pro MJLT2HN/A

Apple MacBook PRO

15-inch Display

  • A laptop not for the pocket-friendly customers, this particular model of MacBook is designed for the high-end customers.
  • Coming at a price of 180,331 for cheapest and 2,00,000 (for most expensive), it however is incomparably specifics wise the strongest laptop from Apple .
  • With core i7 4th gen, speed of 2.5 ghz, 16 GB of ram and 2 GB graphics card – this one is a stop to your all laptop needs.
  • 15.4 screen size will help to play the heavy-duty games for long hours, but battery of 9 hours sure is an area of concern.

Apple MacBook AIR MJVE2HN/A

Apple MacBook AIR

13-inch Laptop

  • Featuring a 13.3 inch screen, this budget-ended MacBook at 68,000 is probably Apple’s strongest variant in the low price point category.
  • The Core i5 5th gen with a 1.6 ghz processor, 4GB ram and a battery backup of upto 12 hours, Apple has checked all rights for the needs of an average Apple user – who isn’t looking for a high end graphic intensive laptop.

Apple MacBook PRO MF840HN/A 

Apple MacBook PRO

13-Inch model with Retina Display

  • A high performance premium Ultrabook, this variant of MacBook comes with a processor that just doesn’t get exhausted.
  • 2.7 ghz with an 8GB ram – multi tasking just becomes so much more easier.
  • Adding to these strong specs is the longevity factor of this laptop as usually multi-tasking in laptops leads to battery exhaustion but this one has an average battery backup of upto 10 hours.

Apple MacBook PRO MF841HN/A 

Apple MacBook PRO

13-inch with Intel Iris Graphics

  • A premium range laptop with premium features.
  • At 120,999 – 140,000; this Apple MacBook is the ultimate laptop for those who want to brag about a laptop that doesn’t disappoint in performance – this laptop just doesn’t has any weakness in terms of it’s processor – which is a true maestro touch from Apple.
  • Core i5 5th gen just turned into a whole lot awesome with a 2.9 ghz of speed and 8GB of RAM.
  • A 720P Webcam is also a good option on the go for people who like to take up meetings on webcam while they’re on the go or just use it to talk to their long distance family/friends.
  • The battery like many of Apple models in the MacBook range can sufficiently satisfy your working needs for approx.
  • 10 hours, which is sufficient for an intense process driven work task, which essentially means multi-tasking which puts the maximum load on the battery and consequently 10 hours is pretty exceptional for a laptop with such strong specifications.

Note – Images are only indicative. Please check product images on official website before purchasing.

Contributor:- Aditya Jha

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