Bikes are the lifelines of daily commuters in India. Be it any profession, a common man always prefers the bike to other modes of transport. So if you want to shift from public transport to a personal vehicle, bikes are the best option for you. But wait!! We are not suggesting you to buy a 200cc sports bike. There are bikes available in the market, which are below the price range of 60,000 and are very economical when it comes to fuel consumption. The following list will provide you the right options for bikes that are economical for daily commuters.

Hero Splendor Pro

Hero Splendor Pro is one among the best option available in the market in the 100cc inexpensive price range section. Splendor is the most trusted brand among Indian customers. You won’t believe; this name is 22-year-old.

Engine: 100cc

Mileage: 90Kmpl

Wheels: Alloy wheel with Tube Tyres

Price: INR 49,000/- (with self-start)

Brakes: Drum brakes

Bajaj Discover 100

Bajaj Discover is another brand, which is in the market for more than ten years and has a firm grip among 100cc customers. This bike is considered as a low maintenance bike, which is economical in fuel consumption. This model is quite a hit among the rural and semi-urban areas of India.

Engine: 99cc

Mileage: 84Kmpl

Wheels: Alloy Wheels with Tube Tyres

Price: INR 48,000/- without Disc brakes and 50,000 with frontal disc brakes

Brakes: Both Disc and Drum

TVS Star City

Although TVS is not the leader of the bike market, it offers a fair deal in the new version of its most sold bike i.e. TVS Star City. It has 109cc; 4stroke eco thrust engine, which generates 8bhp power and has remarkable fuel efficiency.

Engine: 109cc

Mileage: 86Kmpl

Wheels: Alloy Wheels with Tube Tyres

Price: INR 44,000/- (ex-showroom)

Brakes: Drum Brakes

Bajaj Platina 100ES

If you don’t want to spend much money, but still want the best fuel-efficient bike along better good performance and too in self-start then Bajaj Platina 100ES is the answer. With front Hydraulic suspension and drum brakes, this bike is ready to run over muddy village roads or bumpy rides on bad city roads. The company has added a self-start feature and made it a just-go-for-it option.

Engine: 102cc

Mileage: 96.9Kmpl

Wheels: Alloy wheel with Tube Tyres

Price: INR 45,000/- (ex-showroom)

Brakes: Drum Brakes

Hero Passion Pro

Hero Passion is a sixteen-year-old brand in Indian two-wheeler industry. This bike needs minimum service and is a very low maintenance vehicle. It is popular among the daily commuter in cities. It has comfortable seats and a good suspension. A 98cc engine with 8.20 bhp power, this machine is apt for lovers of economic range two wheelers.

Engine: 98cc

Mileage: 84Kmpl

Wheels: Alloy Wheels with Tube Tyres

Price: 53,000/- (ex-showroom) with self-start Disc Brakes

Brakes: Disc and drum brakes

So here you are with plenty of options to choose from the bikes below sixty thousand. Choose wisely and be a happy rider. Further, don’t drink and ride!!

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