They could be your first celebrity crush or they might be the people whose posters and pictures you have been collecting since ages. Yes, ladies ! we are talking about the hottest and stylish men of all times. They never disappoint us. It is so impossible to select just one at a time.  Although You need to be well dressed all the time, these men nail even in their Pajamas.

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David Beckham

The football player has become a cls icon, having appeared in fashion campaigns and launching two lines of clothing. He is never afraid to experiment with his looks and he rarely uses a stylist to help him. He regularly switches up his haircut and wardrobe.


He is the most loved rapper who has a clever wordplay. Loose fitting jeans, simple colors, clean outfits, hoodies, tracksuits, and trainers are some of the things, to sum up, Drake’s cls.

Benedict Cumberbatch

We all know Sherlock Holmes and his elegant cls on screen but in reality, Benedict is a fashionista too. He has a bit of a thing for navy suits, teal tweed suits, upturned collars, leather bags, jazzy socks, hats and tuxedo jackets.

Zac Efron

He is Will Smith’s son and a budding revolutionary of non-gender, binary Avante garde fashion.He always looks effortlessly cool, wearing looks that perfectly bridge the gap between casual and bold.

Justin Trudeau

We all know him as the Prime minister of Canada, but how many of you are aware that he is a lady killer too. From his striped socks to his tan shoes, Trudeau has shown that he’s not afraid of stepping out of the navy black charcoal palette. He knows how to wear the right colors for his complexion and the setting. Everyone is particularly impressed with his choice of watch, his tattoo, and wavy locks.

Michael Fassbender

Michael is a German born Irish actor with a net worth of $30 million approx. He is always articulately dressed up for the red carpet and has a great eye for tailoring and the truth is he doesn’t have a stylish. He’s definitely a man’s man. He is a fan of Gucci and Tom Ford, he favors simple yet refined classy attire.

Bradley Cooper

He is one of the world’s highest paid actors. The American Sniper star frequently gives some casual chic Italian vibes sporting a tailored wool suit. He completely nails all his looks and has set up a cls evolution.

Zayn Malik

Zayn Malik was actually the most stylish of the One Direction crew and his cls has definitely evolved over the years. He showed up at red carpets in really eye-catching looks. Dressed in an all black Tom Ford suit at NYFW, he gave goosebumps to us mortals.

Waris Ahluwalia

Mr. Ahluwalia is an actor, businessman, and is best known to be the most stylish individuals on earth. He is the jewelry designer behind the house of Waris.The things that keep him going are Ray Ban aviators, white spring courts. The dapper Sikh nails the formal look every time.

Mark Ronson

No DJ stands near to Mark Ronson when it comes to fashion. From all suited to platinum hair, he has aced every look. He can wear bright colors, vintage pieces and labor cut suits with his natural charm and cls. He is a super suave.

These men are effortlessly stylish even sometimes without a stylists help. They are an inspiration to very guy out there. So dudes get ready for some makeover and a wardrobe change to impress your beau.

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