The Coachella celebrity fashion has always been in trend be it 2017 or 2018. Our beloved celebrities at Coachella show out their cool factor and everyone decks up like a boss. The Coachella celebrities have been reigning over every social media website and we are going gaga over their fantabulous sense of styles.  

The hottest Coachella outfits and looks are something that should definitely be admired and thus we have curated a list of all the best-looking celebrities at the Coachella 2018 until yet. According to me, the most amazing and shocking revelation of the Coachella 2018 has been Kylie Jenner’s hair color transformation. She has been spotted carrying the pink color hair at the Coachella festival and it shockingly looks really amazing on her long beautiful mane.  

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Scroll below to see the best looking celebrities at the Coachella festival.



Who can miss out on Queen B? She is believed to be even bigger than Coachella. The casual yet not so casual outfit that she chose to wear for her performance is beyond wonderful and you can genuinely die at the sight of her fur shoes. They are love and insanely alluring. The Coachella has been shared under the name of Beychella on Instagram. Imagine the divinity.

Kylie Jenner


Kylie has always been a trendsetter no matter where she goes. Her image on Instagram captioned “ I am not a regular mom, I am a cool mom” is a quote of inspiration for all the moms out there. She chose to color her hair pink and teamed up with a white sleeveless outfit for the festival.



Bad Girl Riri chose to wear something really pastel for the Coachella festival 2018. According to the caption, she chose to go for the 60’s style and wore a color coordinate dress. The pants were filled up with buckles on the sides and the back of the top had frills which made her look really nice. The white color purse was an icing on the cake.

Shay Mitchell


The Canadian actress cum the pretty little liar’s star actress decided to keep it all casual for the day. She wore a black color leather top with a white denim short and chose to keep her hair open. She looked simple yet lovely. She teamed her outfit with black sunglasses.

Alessandra Ambrosio


The famous Brazilian actress and model bought the traditional and the hep culture together by wearing a crochet skirt and over it a cute denim jacket with a lot of fringes. She teamed up her look with a bunch of wrist accessories as well.

Paris Hilton


Want to have a look at the most subtle and pretty outfit out of the lot then have a look at Paris Hilton decked up in a sweet white knee-length dress for Rachel Zoe’s event in Coachella. She was looking marvelous.

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