Best Selling Mac Lipsticks are everywhere because the brand has come out in the recent years like a pro. Since its launch in India, the brand has occupied a very significant place in every cosmetic lover’s heart. The MAC Cosmetics in India is widely known but do you what the abbreviation actually stands for? Its actual full form is Makeup Art and Cosmetics. A lot of times, people look for lipsticks according to their complexions. For instance, girls scrutinize their kind of shades and categorize them as best lipsticks for fair skin, medium and dark skin. Let me tell you that there is no hard and fast rule in choosing the lipsticks, you can chose the one which looks best on you.

Trends and Fashion change from time to time. The Best Lipsticks 2017 have also been listed which you can check from here. The lipsticks are every cosmetic lovers heart and soul. Everybody wants to collect 100 and 1000 of shades of lipsticks and use different shades every day. Indian Girls are fans of the Twig shade from the MAC lipstick range. There is always a battle going on between the range of shades in the MAC showroom regarding shades for brown skin because they are so many.

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If you too want to create a statement, then do not get confused and by shy, ask for a number of options of lip shades and choose the perfect one. There have been a lot of ranges that came as MAC Lipsticks limited editions on various festivals as well. Hence, you can always ask for those.

In the world of mattes, be your kind of glossy!

Best MAC Lipsticks For Indian Skin 

1 MAC Throwbacks Lipstick – Rocker Matte

Price : Rs. 1650/-

best mac lipsticks for indian skin 2017

The Throwbacks lipstick – Rocker Matte is one red shade that will go with every Indian attire. The shade is inspired from the 90’s era. It is a burgundy toned color with a bit of a brown shade that results in red. Perfect as mother’s day gift as well.

2M.A.C Grand Illusion Holographic – Electric Rainbow

Price : Rs. 1900/-

best mac lipsticks for medium skin

Fan of illusions? Want to go for a unicorn look. Well, then just close your eyes and choose this shade as your best friend forever. The lip color will make you feel like you are out of this world. The shimmery gloss is best for parties.

3M.A.C Retro Matte Lipsticks Ruby Woo

Price : Rs. 1500/-

mac twig on indian skin

The Ruby Woo is very very special for the brand M.A.C because this was the shade that made the brand famous. The color also suits medium complexion and is very very smooth to put on. This is perhaps the most wanted red color.

4M.A.C Cremesheen Lipstick – Crosswires

Price : Rs. 1500/-

mac lipshades for brown skin

The shade is perfect for the ones who are looking for a lip color which can be worn for casual outings. The best thing about the lipstick is that it goes with every skin tone as well as adds grace to the face. This range is also very creamy.

5M.A.C Liptensity Lipstick – Noblesse

Price : Rs. 1900

best selling mac lipsticks

The color is a lot in trend nowadays as the Jenner-Kardashian clan has been doning it a lot. The purplish color gives you a perfect Halloween look as well. The liptensity range has a total of 30 shades in its kitty. The lipstick is long lasting.

6M.A.C Lustre Lipstick – Pretty Please

Price : Rs. 1500/-

mac lipstick shades for brown skin

The range of lustre lipsticks consists of a total of 22 shades. The one major quality of the lip shade is that its heck creamy and actually feels like a balm on the lips. This shade is pretty awesome for professional wear and daily wear.

7M.A.C Retro Matte – Lady Be Good

Price : Rs. 1900/-

best mac lipsticks for medium skin

This lip shade has a very smooth finish and it will go very perfectly with your casual jeans. It stays on for 8 hours and stays there very finely. One major quality of the lipstick is that it comes with an applicator which makes it easy for the person to apply it.

8M.A.C Plenty of Pout Plumping – Ample Chic

Price : Rs. 2050/-

mac lipshades for brown skin

The M.A.C Plenty of Pout Plumping lipstick is a little pricey but totally worth if you are looking for a gloss that is also creamy and shiny. The ample chic shade is perfect bet for you if you love the color pink. Moreover, the color also plumps up your lips.

9M.A.C Oh, Sweetie – Caramel Sugar

Price : Rs.1600/-

mac twig on indian skin

The M.A.C. oh, sweetie lip color range is so appealing that you will be attracted to the lip shade packaging. It is covered in Fun-Fetti actually. There are 15 shades in all and you should try each one of them.

10M.A.C Matte Lipstick – Instigator

Price : Rs. 1500/-

wine color lipshade buy

If you are looking for a wine shade then this shade will be your best bet. Some even believe that this lip color is capable of changing the face from casual looking to party looking face. Also, the color makes the whole look grand.

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