Best Red Lipsticks! Craving for a bunch of them? Well, everyone is. Red is the color of all time. It is one classy color that can dash up the look of your outfit in a jiffy. Owing to the end number of options in the market. We have listed over here a bunch of Red Lipstick Shades Names for you to choose from. These lipsticks are available in both matte as well as in their liquid forms. Choosing from the drugstore category or the high end category is completely your cup of tea. Well, not to worry because we have also listed the best red lipstick drugstore in the list as well. So, girls, Shine on with your red.

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Tomato Red Color Lipstick and the Dark Red Ones are the two most popular forms of red lipsticks. Most of us have it. The Best Red Lipstick for fair skin differ from the Best Red Lipstick for medium skin according to many. But, like we have also stated before, there is no hard and fast rule, choose and wear what suits you the best.

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The Lipsticks are those entities that actually complete your look and make our whole attire enhance. These lipsticks add a touch of a glam to the whole personality of a person. We sure love the nude lipsticks and the pink ones, but there is no comparison when it comes to the red lipstick. Be it a black dress or a white one, this color creates a whole new look of a person.

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1Maybelline New York Super Stay – Steady Red

Price : $12.00 from Amazon

Color Type : Dark Red

red lipstick matte

This lip shade is made up of high impact pigments which makes the color stay on for a very longer time. The micro flex technology does not let the lipstick flake or dry out. The best thing about that it does not sit on the straw or spoon you have used.

2L’Oreal Paris Hydrating Lipcolor – British Red

Price : $16.89 from Amazon

Color Type : Shining Red

tomato red lipstick brands

The lipstick consists of ingredients like Omega-3, Vitamin-E and Argan Oil which does not let the lips feel dry. The lip color is very very nourishing and shiny. The lipstick might not stay on for long but looks very appealing and glamorous when applied. The range contains 40 shades in total.

3Rimmel London By Kate Lipstick – 001

Price : $4.72 from Amazon 

Color Type : Bold Red

red lipstick for indian skin

This shade is made and inspired by Kate Moss which makes it more than attractive. The color of the lipstick is very very bold and you can don it with your sexy black dress. Moreover, the lipstick has a very fine kind of pigmentation.

4Benefit : Double The Lip Lipstick – Revved Up Red

Price : $6.89 from Amazon

Color Type : Red With Pink

dark red lipstick matte

The Benefit Cosmetics is known for its funky packaging and oh so appealing products. The the double the lipstick range works on a different kind of theory as it has both the lip liner and lipstick. First, you need to line the lipstick and then fill the lips with the lipstick to make them look fuller and sexier. It also has a fruity smell.

5M.A.C Matte Lipstick – Russian Red

Price : $22.43 from Amazon

Color Type : Dark Red

best red lipstick drugstore

M.A.C Matte Lipstick is a kind of range that makes the whole look more sexier than ever before. The Russian Red color is a very velvety finish color. The streamlined design allows you to apply it in the best possible way. The red color becomes even more darker by adding layers of application and it is not cakey at all.

6Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick – Love That Red

Price : $5.99 from Amazon 

Color Type : Red and Orange

best red lipsticks for fair skin

If you are looking for drugstore lipsticks then you can choose Revlon without any doubts. The lip color is actually non drying because it is formulated with Vitamin-E and Avocado Oil to seal moisture. The lipstick is quite long lasting as well.

7Clinique Long Lasting – Matte Crimson

Price : $3.96 from Amazon

Color Type : Soft Matte Red

red lipstick shades names

The Clinique is a brand that holds up its promises very well. You can completely trust the brand for its worthiness. These lipsticks have just the right type of softness which is needed by every person who has dry and flaky lips.

8Stila All Day Lipstick – Fiery

Price : $24.00 from Amazon

Color Type : Dark Red

red lipstick for indian skin

The Stila lipsticks are quite long lasting as they stay up to 9 hours of application. The creamy matte texture makes the lip look fuller. The lipstick is quite hydrating and will not even bleed.

9NARS Semi Matte – Jungle Red

Price : $24.99 from Amazon

Color Type : Brick Red

best red lipstick for fair skin

The NARS Semi Matte lipstick is a bit expensive but is definitely best for those who are looking for a hydrating formula. It has a good staying on power and will not bleed at all. The brick red color is bit of orangish.

10Nyx Butter Lip Balm – Red Velvet

Price : $6.80 from Amazon

Color Type : Very Light Color

red lipstick shades names

The Nyx Butter Lip Balm is more of a hydrating lip balm than a lipcolor. It will not only color your lips but also will provide moisture to them. The color of the lipstick will prove as a perfect option for all the college goers.

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