We almost do all things according to our sun signs. Hence, why should shopping for a perfume be left behind? You all undoubtedly are aware of the fact that our sun signs truly are the working defining our characteristics and the way of life. According to me, scents are actually storytellers, they elucidate on our brief ups. For instance, wearing a flowery scented cologne specifies the womanly feeling that lies within our body. Combining the elucidations of both of them will prove up to be a staunch combination.

Let’s head up to the lineup and explore our kind of fragrance.



People who are Aries are quite optimistic and courageous by nature. These people are very warm and supportive for their friends and quite dominating too. Thus the perfect scent for them is a spicy fragrance. I would recommend going for the Thierry Mugler Alien Aqua Chic Light spray for women. The cheaper alternative can be United Colors of Benetton United dreams aim high eau de toilette.


These people are quite supportive and loyal to their families and loved ones. They are utterly ambitious and can through any hardships and obstacles to reach their goals. Taureans are earthly people and thus are down to earth. Thus, the best fragrance for them is woody or floral. You can for the Nina Ricci Ricci Eau de Perfume. The cheaper alternative for this can be Kama Ayurveda pure floral perfumes.


People who belong to this sun sign are more of on the flirtatious side and are also expressive and kind. The perfect choice of fragrance for them is that of an oriental scent. The Titan Skin Oriental garden Eau de perfume for women is an apt option.



These people are really unpredictable as they are too open to changes. Besides this, they are also very very emotional beings. They are also filled with bossy nature and do not like people to take control of them. Romantic and fruity fragrances go for them the best. The Jimmy Choo elicit eau de toilette is the best choice for you people.


They are like lions and have leadership qualities and courageous nature. Fearless and full of grandeur they do not hesitate to take risks. The best perfume for them is oceanic or fruity scents.The Carolina Herrera good girl Eau de perfume for women justifies their powerful nature the most.


These people are really shy and often hide their expressions and emotions from other people. A strong fragrance is thus a strict no-no for them. They can opt for a subtle option like The Calvin Klein sheer beauty EDT for women.



Being utterly balanced and charming people they deserve the perfect balanced out scent as well. Librarians are very romantic and sociable.
The perfect choice for them is something with a seductive feel.I would recommend Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel perfume.



These people are very mushy and mysterious. They are quite resentful and also very practically intelligent in their way of life. The perfect choice for them is an oriental fragrance like Roberto Cavalli’s Paradiso Azzurro scent.



The main trait of Sagittarius people is they are very compulsive and honest in nature. They are very adventurous people too. In my opinion, the best option for them is something very exotic. For instance, Black Orchid by Tom Ford is a very good option for them.


They are equipped with firm foundations in their decisions and are really really helpful. The best choice for them is an intense fragrance like Dolce & Gabbana intense perfume for women.



These people are really friendly and approachable. Simple fragrances like Davidoff cool waters Eau de toilette for women is the best choice for Aquarians.


People who belong to this sun sign are selfless and kind thus the perfect choice for them is soft and dreamy scents. They can go for Chanel Chance Perfume.

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